Kingdom of Sky Harvesting Guide  

With its interconnected floating isles and dense mob populations, harvesting in the Kingdom of Sky can challenge the most dedicated harvester. Add to that the "logical" node placement (ore and stones in rocky areas, dens near creatures) and it can be frustrating to figure out where to go for the resources you need. This guide itemizes nodes in each zone in the Kingdom of Sky, by isle.

Note that there is often lots of aggro on the isles, and unless your adventure class has out-leveled the zone your dodge-mob skills are going to be challenged. It is entirely possible to harvest Kingdom of Sky without dying, but there are definitely risks.

Gazer Isle
Gazer Isle
Tenebrous Tangle
Bixie Isle X X
Fear Tainted Isle XX
Gazer Isle XXX
Ravasect Incursion PointX X
The Temple GroundsXXXX
Vicious Breeding Grounds X XX
Vultak Scavenging SiteX X
Isle of Discord
Isle of Discord
The Barren Sky
Blackwind IsleX XXXXX
Cloudmist Isle X
Isle of Aversion XX
Isle of AwakeningXXXXXXX
Isle of DesolationX XXXXX
Isle of DiscordX XXXXX
Isle of Eaglewatch X
The Isle Of The Guardians X X
The Isle Of The Watchers X X
The Prisoner's Isle X
The Strifewind IsleX XXXXX
Whisperwind Isle XXXXX
Drednever Crash Site
Drednever Crash Site
The Bonemire
Cacotoxic StainX XXXXX
Carrion Briar X X
Drednever Crash SiteX XXXXX
The Halls of Fate X X
Isle of the RavasectX XXXX
Shattered WeirX XXXXX
EverQuest II

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