Kunzar Jungle (EQ2 Quest Series)  

Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
Starting ZoneKunzar Jungle
Rec. Levels74 to 78
Previous Fens of Nathsar Quest Series
Next Jarsath Wastes Quest Series
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EverQuest II
Quest Series

 See Rise of Kunark City Tasks for City Task quests that start in Kylong Plains at Dreg's Landing and require you to travel to this zone.
At the end of the Fens of Nathsar Quest Series, Klok Ilesia gives you the quest, Welcome to the Jungle, which leads you to Kunzar Jungle and The City of Jinisk.


You will need +25,000 faction with a faction before the common merchants will deal with you, and +40,000 before the Faction Merchant will sell to you. Bankers, Brokers and Menders will require Indifferent (0+).

  • The City of Jinisk - Hates the Sarnaks and aren't too cozy with the Sathirians either.
  • Kunzar Jungle Villagers - Unhappy with the Sathirian jack-boot pressed against their necks, but mostly just want to live and peace. (Note: I was about 6-8 levels over the mobs/npc's so it was possible to talk to one of the quest givers without the villagers 'seeing' me. This way I finished the quest killing the giant leeches and after none of the villagers were hostile anymore).
  • Ry'zilk's Renegades - Renegades in that they do not adhere to the more militant Bathezid faction's opinions, Ry'zilk actually believes Sarnaks can live in peace with the other races (if only he can get them to listen to reason).
  • Hidden Plunderers' Camp - Tomb robbers of the Ruins of the City of Mist.
  • Dalnir's Wheel Taskmasters -
  • Outer Sebilis Residents - Not truly "party faithful", they may pay lip-service to the Sathirians but they are not blind to the kindness or nobility of outsiders.
  • Synod Reet - Froglok freedom fighters, they seek to free all the slaves of the Sathirians.

No reason not to kill any Sathirian you see on sight, as you will never be other than KOS to them. Even if you are an Iksar, you were not a hatched a Sathirian and never can become one.

  • Sathirian - True Believers in the worst way, the followers of Venril Sathir wish to subjugate all others.

The City of Jinisk

Trader Hisk Varn

  1. Rug Deliveries (74) - Make 3 rug deliveries to villagers near the Lake of Dismay
  2. Tiger Pelts for Varn (74) Repeatable - Kill: tigers

Captain Venk

  1. Safe for Business (74) - Kill: sabrecats and vespids
  2. Investigating the Rebels (74) - Find a missing sentry's backpack, then kill 3 Sarnak renegades
  3. Weaken their Perimeter (74) - Kill: 10 renegade sarnaks. (This will cost you 1000 faction with Ry'zilk's Renegades).
  4. Assault on the Rebel Camp (74) - Kill: 3 renegade medics, then threaten Ry'zilk himself. (This will cost you 500 faction with Ry'zilk's Renegades).
  5. Warning the Wheel (75) - Speak to Taskmaster Gax near Dalnir's Wheel

Braz Terrick

  1. Mantraps for my Dearest (74) - Kill: erollisi mantraps to collect 12 blooms
  2. A Mantle for her Heart (74) - Kill: emerald stonegazers
  3. A Dear for my Dear (76) - Capture: a Rubble-rabble Burynai

Kriinz Nax

  1. Arms Delivery (74) - Deliver weapons to the guard tower west of the Lake of Dismay
  2. Meeting the Demand (74) - Kill: tigers for 5 fine quality pelts
  3. Eliminating the Competition (74) Kill: Gredix and his crew
  4. More Shipments (74) Kill: 5 cockatrices and deliver an order of cloth to Emissary Tranz
  5. Culling the Force (75) Kill: Sonjaz Manx

Rhodoqiz Karazz

  1. The Sad Tale of Rhodoqiz Karazz (74) - Do her chores for her
  2. The Sadder Tale of Rhodoqiz Karazz (74) - Get things she needs to get ready for the party
Spectral Godmother
  1. The Even Sadder Tale of Rhodoqiz Karazz (74) - ...but what about the glass slippers?

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Zikana Sly'ssar

  1. Elementals Among Us (73) - Destroy 8 of the ice creatures surrounding Jinisk.
  2. Lake of Dismay and Doom (74) - Find the Rime camp near Lake of Dismay and kill 8 of the shardtroops (74^) and flurrybursts. (This will cost you 200 faction with The Order of Rime).
  3. Intoxicating Weapons (75) - Kill 8 venom flow leeches and giant venom flow leeches for toxin.
  4. To the Pain! (76) - Find Khassp Xivvix near the Tabernacle of Pain.

Kerss Rekssok

  1. Threads for the Weave (74) - Find 6 spell scrolls at the Order of Rime camp near Lake of Dismay.
  2. Ethernere Escort (75) - Free 10 ice-dazed iksar villagers (75, non-aggro) east of the Lake of Dismay from the control of Rime... by killing them.
Return to Zikana Sly'ssar

Lake of Dismay

Yarvis Urx

  1. Clearing the Water (74) - Kill: scalerippers and leeches
  2. Clearing the Water, Again (74) Repeatable - Kill: scalerippers and leeches

Kunzar Jungle Villages

Kazid Nazan

Sonjaz Manx

  1. Quiet the Jinisk Lackeys (74) - Kill: Sathirian patrollers
  2. Planting the Seeds (75) - Plant the patroller badges around Jinisk
  3. Lambs to the Slaughter (74) - Kill: sentries of Jinisk and citizens of Jinisk. (This will cost you 1500 faction with The City of Jinisk).
  4. Cut the Head from the Beast (74) - Kill: Baron Klavik

Merrik Hanz

  1. Clean Out the Caves (76) - Kill: 8 Rubble-rabble Burynai
  2. Everyone Loves a Snitch (76) Title: Rubble-rabble Rouser - Rat out the Rubble-rabble to The Bellywhumpers
  3. Clean Out the Caves (76) Repeatable - Kill: 8 Rubble-rabble Burynai

Havik Thyx

  1. A Pot Full of Surprises (77) - Replace 5 Swifttail training pots with poppies
  2. Cut Off the Bottom Rung (78)
  3. Slice Your Way Up the Ladder (80 Heroic)

Ireka Nazan

  1. Goblin Tongue Stew (77) - Kill: 10 mistgoblins
  2. Just Dessert (77) - Gather berries, beans and 5 vials of mistgoblin blood
  3. Deliver the Lunch Pails (78 Heroic) - Deliver lunch to workers around the City of Mist
  4. Danger Zone (78 Heroic) - "Kill Torsis phantoms, iron constructs, jade constructs, and spurbone skeletons in City of Mist and deliver special treats to 5 Sathirian patrollers"

Sirris Xanx

  1. What Makes Them Mist? (76) - Collect: 5 power totems from the area of the mistgoblins
  2. Dragon Magic (76) - Find evidence of Dragon magic in the mistgoblin territory

Ebenezer Sprockbok <Traveling Master of the Mechanical>

Ry'zilk's Base Camp

Sharpeye Scoz

  1. Kill Your Way Into Our Hearts (74) - Kill: 5 Sathirian oathsworn and 3 C-9 units
  2. Kill Your Way Into Our Hearts, Again (74) Repeatable - Kill: 5 Sathirian oathsworn and 3 C-9 units

Field Chief Ry'zilk

  1. Simple Scouting Mission (74) - Scout around Jinisk and the iksar villages
  2. Pilfer the Goods (74) - Kill the caravan guards, steal the supplies and torch the wagon. (This will cost you 300 faction with The City of Jinisk).
  3. Field Work (74) - Retrieve reports from 2 spies
  4. Spying on our Potential Allies (75) - Search the Hidden Plunderers' Camp for evidence of their intentions
  5. Establishing Unexpected Bonds (75) - Serve as emissary between the Renegades and the Hidden Plunderer's
  6. Stir Up Some Sokokars (75) - Kill some and release some

Quartermaster Bi'zin

  1. Restocking Supplies (74) - Kill: 5 tigers and 5 sabrecats
  2. Scramble the Scent (74) - Kill: 10 chokidai
  3. Medicinal Properties (74) - Kill: a giant venom flow leech, a vespid hornet and an erollisi mantrap
  4. Medical Wonder (74) - Kill: leeches

The Abandoned Village

There are no quests at this location, although a couple of quests do send you here. It is a safe camp, and the location of both a Sokokar post and the Kunzar Jungle Druid Ring.

The Tabernacle of Pain

You must be a minimum of level 74 to begin quests for this faction.
These quests aren't available if you're doing the quests for Havik Thyx
Emissary Tranz

  1. Prove Your Mettle (77) - Kill: 5 trakanasaurs and 5 quatchas in Trakaraptor Alley
  2. Prove Your Mettle, Again (77) Repeatable - Kill: 5 trakanasaurs and 5 quatchas in Trakaraptor Alley

Each trial is started by a Senior member of that caste.

  1. The Trial of Clay (74) - Defeat a member of the caste of Clay in single combat.
  2. The Trial of Stone (75) - Defeat a member of the caste of Stone in single combat.
  3. The Trial of Rock (76) - Defeat a member of the caste of Rock in single combat.
  4. The Trial of Copper (77) - Defeat a member of the caste of Copper in single combat.
  5. The Trial of Bronze (78 Heroic) - Defeat a member of the caste of Bronze in single combat.
  6. The Trial of Steel (79 Heroic) - Defeat a member of the caste of Steel in single combat.
  7. The Trial of Tynnonium (80 Heroic) - Defeat a member of the caste of Tynnonium in single combat.

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Khassp Xivvix - Though located near the Tabernacle of Pain, these are faction quests for the City of Jinisk.

  1. Let the Punishment Fit the Rime (76) - Find and slay 12 Rime invaders near The City of Mist.
  2. Dry Ice (76) - Find and slay 8 bizarre ice creatures near The City of Mist.

Accepting the first quest from Khassp unlocks Slixin
Slixin Drusar - Though located near the Tabernacle of Pain, these are faction quests for the City of Jinisk.

  1. Scrolling Through Knowledge (76) - Find and slay 10 Rime invaders for any knowledge they may be carrying.
  2. Fish Scales and Cat Tails (76) - Obtain 6 scales from Kunzar muckshredders and 6 kerra tail roots from the banks of the Venom Flow River.
  3. Swamp Fire Defense (77) - Place swamp phlogiston wards at the marked locations

Snake Eye's Hunting Camp

Hunter Snake-Eye

  1. Gathering the Hides (77) - Kill: 10 trakaraptors
  2. Bringing Down the Brutes (77) - Kill: 10 elder quatchas
  3. Bringing Down Tangor (78) - Kill: Tangor the gorilla
  4. Removing the Skar from this Land (78) - Kill: Skar the trakaraptor

Hidden Plunderers' Camp

Skulker Traz

  1. Prove Your Allegiance (75) - Kill: 8 Sathirian oathsworn
  2. Prove Your Allegiance, Again (75) Repeatable - Kill: 8 Sathirian oathsworn

Skulker Slythe

  1. High Risk Career (77 Heroic) - Collect: 5 artifacts from the lower City of Mist, and kill 3 rival plunderers
  2. Higher Risk Career (77) Heroic
  3. Venture in Deep (77) Heroic
  4. Claim the Phylactery (78) Heroic
  5. Hold on to the Phylactery (78) Heroic

Skulker Ganiz

  1. Revenge for Ganiz (77 Heroic) - Kill: Skulker Urix and Skulker Pyne
  2. A Suitable Reward (77 Heroic) - Find a chest in the City of Mist

Skulker Nazin

  1. Take Your Own Revenge (77 Heroic) - Poison Skulker Ganiz for his treachery

Dalnir's Wheel

Taskmaster Gax

  1. Restock the Wheel (75)
  2. Recover the Lost Slaves (76)
  3. Investigate the Escape (76)
  4. Find Stronger Help (77)
  5. Ascend the Mountain of Paperwork (77)

Taskmaster Scally

  1. Ghosts in the Wood (77) - Find the source of the ghostly sounds
  2. Disrupt the Deception (77) - Destroy the objects making the sounds
  3. Cleaning Up their Mess (77) - Kill: 10 risen skeletons near The Crypt Grounds
  4. Taking it to the Source (77 Heroic) - Kill: Tralb the Mystic inside Ganak's Old Crypt

Cookie's Camp

just north of the Wheel
Foreman Vink

  1. Swatting the Pests (75) Repeatable - Kill: 5 leeches, 5 vespids, 3 swampflies and 3 sporconids

Cookie Yevek

  1. Cookie's Vittles (76) - Kill: 8 swampflies, and collect 3 tea leaves and 3 lichenclover
  2. Helping Cookie with the Cooking (76) - Prepare the vegetables
  3. Cookie's Monster (76 Heroic) - Kill: Cookie's Monster

Dragon Drool Lake

Fisher Ozrid

  1. Truffle Hunting (76) - Kill: sporconids
  2. Mommy's Little Monsters (77) - Kill: sporelings and the Sporconid Den Mother
  3. Truffle Hunting (76) Repeatable - Kill: sporconids

Fisher Sivv

  1. A Bone for Me to Pick (77) - Kill 12 skeletons at Ganak's Old Crypt. (This will cost you 1200 faction with Synod Reet).
  2. More Bones for Me to Pick (77) Repeatable

Fisher Rissen

  1. The Mushrooms Ate My Daughter (76) - Find evidence that his daughter is still alive!
  2. Mushroom Magic (76) - Disrupt the ceremony and save his daughter!

Outer Sebilis

Associate Tuz

  1. Snooping in Jarsath - Deliver a letter to Emissary Dih'ri in the Jarsath Wastes
  2. Hides for Sebilis - Deliver a letter to Hunter Snake-Eye

Associate Yssith

  1. Garbing Us in Gorillas (77) Repeatable - Kill: gorillas

Loremaster Hax

  1. Like a Book Without Pages (76) - Collect: pages scattered around Trakaraptor Alley
  2. Like Many Books Without Many Pages (76) Repeatable - Collect: pages scattered around Trakaraptor Alley

Refugee Yurix

  1. A Trip to the Abandoned Village (77)

Merchant Crevik

  1. Quatcha Hair Pants (76) - Kill: 10 Quatchas
  2. A Demand for Quatcha Hair Pants (76) Repeatable - Kill: 10 Quatchas

Baron Terrask
Be sure to also collect the quests from Foreman Guppka at The Crypt Grounds.

  1. Harsh Re-edit (75) - Deface 8 books in Sebilis
  2. Cursin' a Blue Streak (80) - Curse 8 scrolls in Sebilis
  3. Legionnaires Deceased (83) - Kill: 6 Sathirian legionnaires in Sebilis
  4. Advanced Legionnaires Deceased (83) - Kill: 6 more Sathirian legionnaires in Sebilis
  5. He Brought It First! (86) - Kill: Kotiz the Death Bringer in Sebilis

The Crypt Grounds

Assistant Pubbit

  1. For the Love of Reet (74) - Kill: 10 Sathirians
You may now speak to Foreman Guppka to begin his series of Heroic quests inside Sebilis.

Mender Kupput

  1. Steel to be Stole (75 Heroic) - Find 6 crates near the entrance inside Sebilis
  2. Swords to be Swiped (78 Heroic,repeatable) - Kill: 8 iksars inside Sebilis for their weapons

Duz Heronimous

  1. Scout their Defenses (77)
  2. Task the Taskmasters (77)
  3. Bringing Down the Big Boss (77)
  4. We Will Be Free Again! (77)

Speaker Rup

  1. Cutting the Milite (77) - Kill: 12 Sathirian milites
  2. Training a Menace (77) - Destroy: 6 crates of sokokar training supplies
  3. Take Them Out of the Skies (77) - Kill: 6 war sokokars and 5 sokokar keepers
  4. Stop the Progeny (77) - Kill the Sokokar Brood Mother

Oracle Boppit

  1. Charm School (75 Heroic)
  2. Charm Unlike Any Other (78 Heroic)
  3. Always After Their Lucky Charms (80 Heroic, repeatable)

Special Agent Froak

  1. Synod Delivery Service (75 Heroic)
  2. Essence of Pure Flavor (78 Heroic) - Poison the iksar food supplies deep inside Sebilis
  3. A Scheduled Meeting (80 Heroic)
  4. Save the Reets (83 Heroic)
  5. Reet Seeking (84 Heroic)
  6. Sathirian Hunting Party (85 Heroic)

Foreman Guppka - Heroic quest series
Be sure to also collect the quests from Baron Terrask in Outer Sebilis.

  1. The Reet Goes On (75 Heroic) - Recover the stolen cache in the Slave Quarters in Sebilis
  2. Dead Iksar Talking (78 Heroic) - Use the amulet to converse with a dead iksar in Sebilis
  3. Phylactery Find (80 Heroic) - Find the Phylactery of Venril
  4. Making It Vulnerable (83 Heroic)
Continue this line with Enchanter Glowwp.

Enchanter Glowwp

  1. Complicated Destruction (84 Heroic)
  2. Imitation Relocation (85 Heroic)

Murkdwellers River

Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

Your faction with The Order of Rime needs to be positive (greater than 0) to get quests from Kellaen. Kellaen Mednevn

  1. Stockpiling Stone Mucus (73)
  2. Task of the Rider (75)
  3. A Pointy Delivery (75)

After Task of the Rider he tells you that you may serve by restocking provisions her in Kunzar Jungle. This should unlock the box. If your natural faction is low, use your illusion charm to access the box!

Provision Refilling

The following quests are all repeatable, and reward 15  and +800 faction with The Order of Rime for each repetition.

a box of bones and leather

a barrel of fish

Unlocked by reaching some faction minimun...
a basket of eggs

Collection Quests

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