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Sitting on a bridge in East Sarutabaruta
Sitting on a bridge in East Sarutabaruta
I've spent a lot of time here in Sarutabaruta. This is my home. Sitting on these bridges, staring at the Pug Pugils and not sure if I should pester them or just sit here.
They're really big bugs
They're really big bugs

I've been working my way over to the ruins to find an orb, I think. There's someone I need to speak to down there, I can't be bothered to remember his name. I just know it's part of seeing the world, part of getting out of Windurst. There are towns somewhere around here, but running through the canyons to the north is just too dangerous for me, I only know a few cantrips, nothing really dangerous. I'm still having trouble with bugs.

Gearing up is hard work.

Roaming around in the Horutoto Ruins I came across Goblins and bats mostly. The bats were easy enough, but the goblins proved more difficult if there were more than one near enough to call for help. I decided that my best bet would be to come back better equipped.

Misfits.  The whole lot of 'em.  They're up to something.
Misfits. The whole lot of 'em. They're up to something.
I had forgotten what it was like to get ready to do anything in this world. Becoming more powerful entailed meandering through Windurst and running errands for people. I came across the Star Onion Brigade, a group of misfit children, hiding out behind a warehouse. I gave them a Rarab Tail simple enough, but the gesture made them decide that I could join their club. I became an official SOB. Proudest day of my life.

After running around Windurst, collecting bits and pieces of protective gear I decided it was time to take a break. I'd spent the day slightly boosting every thing I could think of, to prepare for any kind of attack. I was exhausted.

Renewed Resolve

One of the War Warlocks near the gate to East Sarutabaruta gave me a trinket as I was leaving today. He said that this Empress Band would help me become stronger. This ring, along with the rest of my newly procured gear, allowed me to make the trek out to the ruins in the east, and find my way into it's depths to meet with Ajido-Marujido

At long last, the orb is delivered.
At long last, the orb is delivered.
I could feel it, today would be a better day, I was more prepared, and my belief in this magic ring spurred me into the depths of the ruins. There, I found him. He and his sister were having some sort of arguement about the neighboring Yagudo beastmen. I didn't pay much attention. I was here to speak with Ajido, not tangle with the birdmen.

Ajido sent me to collect a broken mana orb from one of the strange magical devices I came across on my way through the ruins. Once I had located it, I returned it to the Orastery in in the port.


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