Live Events (EQ2)  

Live Events introduce quests, stories and items that generally celebrate a real world or Norrathian holiday. Below are all the current live events and the approximate dates that they will run from in game. See the individual event guides for specific dates and information.

Real World Holiday Norrathian Live Event Approximated Duration
St. Valentine's DayErollisi DayEarly February to late February
St. Patrick's DayBrewday Mid-March
None Chronoportals Late March
April Fool's DayBristlebane DayLate March to early April
NoneTinkerfestLate July through early August
Halloween/Harvest holidaysNights of the DeadMid-October to mid-November
EQII's AnniversaryHeroes' FestivalMid November to Late Novemeber
Winter HolidayFrostfellMid-December to mid-January
NoneMoonlight EnchantmentsMonthly, starting on the 20th
NoneCity FestivalsMonthly from the 1st through the 7th, rotating through major cities.
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