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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." — Arthur C. Clarke

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Understanding Logos

Troops receptive to the Logos language can learn new symbols by visiting ancient Logos Shrines in remote locations on Foreas and other worlds.

A soldier must master one or more specific Logos symbols in order to use Logos abilities.

The Eloh left puzzles in certain areas, which cannot be passed without understanding Logos.

Troops that are not receptive to Logos cannot benefit from contact with a Logos Shrine, but receptive troops should seek them out. Each Shrine contains the knowledge of one Logos symbol. Approach a Shrine and interact with it while standing still. It takes only a few seconds for most "receptives" to learn the symbol of any given Shrine. Note that combat can break this process; neutralize any attackers, then repeat the process when the area is safe.

As you train for new abilities, notice that certain Logos symbols are required in their use. Occasionally, soldiers train in abilities for which they have not learned the corresponding symbols. In such cases, we encourage soldiers to inquire with their comrades for the locations of the appropriate Shrines.

Matching Logos symbols to abilities is an ongoing process within the AFS. Some theorize that there are powers yet to be discovered. AFS Intel speculates that there are thousands of uses for these symbols, possibly more. Thus, we request that troops investigate all Logos Shrines, including those not directly applicable to their ability training.

Some regions, such as the bridge at the center of Valverde Plateau, are known to contain Logos puzzles. Perhaps the Eloh secured sensitive areas to ensure that only a race advanced enough to master Logos could gain access.

Logos Dictionary

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Logos History

Thousands of years ago, an Ancient Species known as the Eloh, made a great discovery. They uncovered a key to a powerful science unifying all known theories of physics. With this key, they were able to unlock answers to the fundamental questions of the Universe that explain the nature of all matter and energy. This knowledge allowed them to develop Logos, a way to manipulate matter, energy and force in unique and powerful ways.

With the power of Logos at their disposal, they began exploring the universe. By folding space to quickly cross vast distances, they visited galaxies of all sizes in a quest to meet other sentient life. The Eloh shared their knowledge with all whom could comprehend this powerful truth. But sharing such knowledge and giving other Logos-receptive beings the ability to manipulate matter, energy and force would eventually trigger an intergalactic war between the Eloh and the Bane, resulting in the enslavement of many species and ensuring the Bane's place as our oppressors.

Like any science, Logos can be used for great advancement and discovery, or great destruction and oppression. Though the enemy has access to the knowledge of Logos, like all beings the Eloh visited, they are not able to harness its full power. Luckily for the members of the Allied Free Sentients, Bane usage of this power has always been volatile and unpredictable. Whether it is lack of training, lack of discipline, or an incomplete understanding of the power they hold, the Bane have never been able to master Logos. We must exploit this weakness. Our mastery of Logos is what will ensure our success and grant us freedom from our oppressors.

In Tabula Rasa, you are a Logos-receptive soldier of the AFS, and are able to learn the language of Logos at shrines throughout the worlds you travel to. Not only can your knowledge of Logos be used to activate special abilities that can help the AFS win this war, but the ancient symbols you uncover can also unlock hidden locations where you can further your training and enhance your skills. Ancient secrets will be revealed to you as you collect more and more Logos to your tablet.

Logos abilities will allow you to harness the very fabric of the cosmos. Use this power to defeat the Bane and secure our future!

External Resources

  • Logos Atlas - This marvelous site has maps of all zones with each Logos symbol location marked and a mouseover shows you the name of the symbol and it's coordinates!

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