Lordaeron (WoW)  

Lordaeron is a continent of the Eastern Kingdoms and was once a human kingdom known as the Lordaeron Empire.


Its name comes from the three main Alliance languages. The first, "lorn" (Dwarvish) meaning "land", "daer" (Common) means "people" and "ronae" (in old Thalassian) that means peace or peaceful. The capital city was also called Lordaeron out of respect for the same.

Once one of the Seven Kingdoms that emerged during the collapse of Arathor, Lordaeron was originally ruled by the House of Menethil and stood as a refuge for the people of Stormwind following its destruction at the end of the First War. During the Second War, Lordaeron served as the initial spearhead of the Alliance campaign against the Horde but ended up being almost wholly consumed by the Scourge during the Third War.

As a result of the constahnt warfare and strife, the territory is now hotly contested between the Scourge, the Forsaken, and pockets of human resistance such as the Scarlet Crusade and the Argent Dawn.

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