Mage Item Sets (WoW)  

Item sets can be aacquired in various ways. As a general rule, the method by which you acquire a set determines the overall usefulness of that set. PVP sets tend to be more useful for PVP, raid sets for raids, etc. In addition, the more difficult the set is to acquire, the more powerful it is likely to be. Sets are often referred to as tiers, with each tier being progressively harder to obtain and correspondingly more powerful.

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Tier Sets

Dungeon Sets

PVP Sets

PVP Sets are purchased through honor points or arena points. The Sets go on the hands, legs, chest, shoulder and head. Each set also has some complimentary pieces that may go on the back, wrist, waist, feet and neck, as well as trinkets, rings and weapons.

Honor Point Sets



Each set is also complimented by other slot items, as well as a choice of weapons. These items are available to both factions.

Level 70 epic additional items:

All additional armor items below level 70 are sold by Brave Stonehide for the horde or Master Sergeant Biggins for the alliance. Weapons are sold by Stone Guard Zrg for the horde or Lieutenant Jackspring for the alliance.

Arena Point Sets

Faction Sets

These sets are gained through getting enough faction with a group to be able to purchase them from that group's quartermaster

Other Cloth Armor Sets

These sets are not class specific.

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