Mamool Ja Savages  

The Mamool Ja are a group of Beastmen that live in the Mamool Ja Savagelands. This land and the Aht Urghan Emprire have great hostilities between each other. Mamool Ja in the common language of Vana'diel means "Brethren of the shining scale". The different types of Mamool Ja are Sages (Mamool Ja mages), Warriors (Mamool Ja fighters), Aquatics (Mamool Ja Sahagin), and knights (Mamool Ja hussars that ride wivres). The Mamool Ja have been paying tribute to the Aht Urhgan Empire since ages past, and are known for their republican form of government. Their nation is ruled by a council of four overlords, one selected from type of Mamool. The Savagelands' recent uprising against the empire seems connected to the emergence of a new leader.

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