Manthra or Mithra (cavellia)  

Mithra or Manthra

So you're and FFXI nut and you want to get laid,
You're ogling that hot mithra friend that you made.
Its very important, you must never fail
To check that mithra doesnt have a "front tail".

We all know exactly why men love a mithra,
But sometimes, often, a mithras a mister.
You might think the boobs are a bit of a clue ..
But I know some large men who have boobs too.

Imagine,now trying to get them in bed,
And then suddenly finding that Freda is Fred,
You wine them, you dine them, you use all your charm,
But then you reach down and you find their {polearm}.

You might think you could just be direct and ask,
But this will just earn you a boot up the ass,
You could auto-translate {do you have it } { fun hole }
But they dont always own up to possessing the pole.

Some manthra are straight, some are gay or "queer",
Some pretend to be girls, to get gil or gear.
So always be careful, please heed my warning,
Cos nobody wants a sore arse in the morning .

The best advice I can give you is this :
If you cannot be sure, give the mithra a miss.
Stick with Hume, Taru, and Elvaan instead
I'm told that Humes can be kinky in bed.

Before any mithras rise up in rage,
Over some silly poem posted on a webpage.
If you're a real woman, more power to you!
But if you can't prove it - no guy should do you

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