EQ2 Achievement:Master Goblin Hunter  

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Points: N/A
Type: General
Subcategory: Slayer
Title: Hunter of Goblins
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EverQuest II

Master Goblin Hunter
Slay 500 Goblins

This Achievement is not visible in your Quest Journal until you have completed Accomplished Goblin Hunter.

Goblin Slayer Achievements
Goblin Killer255
Initiate Goblin Hunter1005
Accomplished Goblin Hunter2505
Master Goblin Hunter50010Hunter of Goblins
Initiate Goblin Slayer1,00010
Accomplished Goblin Slayer2,50015
Master Goblin Slayer5,00025Slayer of Goblins
Goblin Destroyer10,00050Destroyer of Goblins

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