Meridian (Rift Quest Series)  

Quest Series
Starting ZoneMeridian
Rec. Levels15 to 50
Previous Freemarch
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Quest Series
Quest lists direct from our database:

Guardian Scout Report - dropped by a Guardian Scout camped near the road to Meridian.

Spirit of Rhaza'de

Defiant's Approach

Sellora Kithan

Enqchi OyugunDacia Ultan

  1. By the Ancestors (15) - Commune at Ancestor Shrine
  2. The Journey to Greatness (15) - Speak with Rahn Chuluun in Catari Command Center

Daily: Korra Flynn

The Training Yard

Epoch Plaza

Sonrisa Pavlis

  • Soul Home (15) - Speak with Sonrisa about Soul Recall

Enrinke Shinuas

Khaleem Vensworn

Enqyeke Chinua

  1. Teleport Testing (36) - (min 32) Test Enqyeke's Teleporter
  2. Teleport Testing: Phase 2 (40) - Test Enqyeke's Teleporter

Solana Dunesworn

Weekly: Lord Olangden

The Manufactory

College of Planar Studies

Raj Tahleed

see also: Expert Rifts and Raid Rifts

Orphiel's Spire

Catari Command Center

Asha Catari

The Saga of the Endless
There is a Cult Saga quest series that begins at level 20 with Asha Catari and has quests for levels 30, 40 and 50. See The Saga of the Endless for more.

Koke Tegus

Black Garden: Sellora KithanAlbahri Batu

  1. First:
  2. Desolate Decline (15) - Win 5 matches in Black Garden

Defend: Jahar Runesworn

Capture the Flag: Eldhu Bangal

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