Morheim (Aion Zone)  

Type Public Outdoor
Sphere Asmodae
Level Range 20-40
Zone Connections
Altgard (via a road northeast of Patamor Ridge Path), Beluslan (via a road in the east of The Crash Site)

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Questing in this zone is complementary to questing in Brusthonin and Reshanta. When you run out of quests in one, go to another!


Eventually, this space will have a story-like summary of the Morheim Campaign series

Standard Quests

Eventually, this space will have a story-like summary of the Morheim Standard Quest series


This zone has rifts to and from Eltnen.

Entrances (to Eltnen)
Entrances (to Eltnen)
Exits (in Eltnen)
Exits (in Eltnen)
LetterFromToMax usesMax LevelLetterFromToMax UsesMax Level
AMorheim Ice FortressManduri Forest12<28EArkanis Sky TempleKyola Temple45<40
BSalintus Observation PostSataloca's Tomb20<32FHalabana Hot SpringsKuriullu Pass50<40
CSalintus RiseOutpost Ruins35<36GMist Mane VillageKaidan Headquarters50<45
DMt. MusphelEracus Temple Cavern35<37
The above information and maps are originally from the Korean version of PowerWiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How do so many Elyos get inside Morheim Ice Fortress?
    A: There are 2 Elyos quests, in Eltnen, that teleport the "victim" to Morheim, to the very top of a mountain ridge northeast of Morheim Ice Fortress (marked "Quest Rift" in red on the map, above). From that height and position, they can fly down to nearly any point in the entire northeast quadrant of Morheim.
  2. Q: Where is Purra?
    A:There are several Purras, and only one will be the one you need. Look on the roofs in the fortress. Which one is random for each player. She has been seen atop the Grocery and the General Store. (Bringing Up Tayga)
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