Naming Conventions (Aion)  

Wikihelp This is a guide for contributors to help keep the page names consistent throughout the Aion wiki.

When adding a new page to the wiki it is important that we stay consistent in our names so this does not devolve into chaos (which is very easy to do with a wiki).

The general rules:

  1. Always name things exactly as they are spelled and capitalized in-game even if the in-game spelling, capitalization or grammar is wrong. Of course there are exceptions to this rule (see Naming Exceptions).
  2. Every page in the Aion wiki should have a suffix. For pages that use one of the main templates (Quest, Mob, Item, Object, Place, etc.) the style is (Aion pagetype), so a Mob page would be "mobname (Aion Mob)" and a quest would be "quest name (Aion Quest)". Pages that do not use one of the main data templates will almost always use simply "(Aion)" as the suffix.

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Cross-reference Categories

These can have some very long and odd names, but are part of the weave that holds the wiki together and makes things find-able. 99% of the time, the main template, or the {{Aion|option}} template, will handle all or most of it for you. If you are not sure about how to correct a redlinked category page, try searching for other category pages of the same type and see what code was used there.

Naming Exceptions

Because the wiki uses the page URL to define the page name, there are certain characters that we cannot use as they have special meanings to the browser or the web server.

  • Question Mark (?) - Web servers use the question mark as a separator between the web page name and any data parameters that are being passed to the server. So we have to omit the question mark. We do have a template to let folks know this was done, {{QM|Aion|This is the correct pagename?}}. It is possible to still display the correct name when linking, however, like this: [[Do You Have It (Aion Quest)|Do You Have It?]].
  • Ampersand (&) - For exactly the same reason as question mark, above. Generally, replace the "&" with "and", so a name like "Lore & Legend" becomes "Lore and Legend".
  • Colon (:) - In wikibases that have a database (such as EverQuest II or World of WarCraft) the db pages are prefaced by a special prefix, called a namespace. Namespaces are separated from the main page name by a colon, like "EQ2 Mob:Joe the Brigand". In wikis that do not have a db, however, we cannot use the colon because the wiki will think we are trying to name a page in a namespace that does not exist. In the Aion wiki we simply remove the colon, so the quest "Wanted: Fork Ear Rokes" becomes Wanted Fork Ear Rokes (Aion Quest). It is possible to still display the correct name in links, however, like this: [[Wanted Fork Ear Rokes (Aion Quest)|Wanted: Fork Ear Rokes]].
  • Parentheses () - Our Wikibase uses parenthetical suffixes to label the page type, but some places and quests in Aion have parentheses in the name, such as The Stern of Steel Rake (Middle Level). We have to change the suffix so we can use it, like this: [[The Stern of Steel Rake - Middle Level (Aion Place)]]. When used directly, we can still re-style the name to show it as it is in-game, like this: [[The Stern of Steel Rake - Middle Level (Aion Place)|The Stern of Steel Rake (Middle Level)]].

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