Nyzul Isle Armor Sets (FFXI)  

The following armor sets can be equipped by certain job groups, and each set, when worn in full, offers an additional bonus effect.

Unlike the Assault armor sets such as Amir, Pahluwan, and Yigit, these do not cost Assault Points to purchase, but instead are obtained by defeating various Notorious Monsters in the Nyzul Isle Staging Point Assaults.

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Jobs that can use: WAR, PLD, DRK, BST, SAM, DRG

Total Stat bonuses: 144 Defense, Attack +17, Acc+5, HP+15, MP+45, STR+12, DEX+13, AGI+3, VIT+4, INT+4, Enmity+6, Evasion+20, Haste+6%, "Store TP"+5, Double Attack+2%, Pet: Defense+10, Damage taken -2%, bonus Max HP boost (10% boost including other gear).


Jobs that can use: NIN, BLU, THF, COR, RNG, MNK, DNC

Total Stat bonuses: 131 Defense, Attack+18, Acc+8, Ranged Attack+9, Ranged Acc+3, HP+25, STR+7, DEX+3, AGI+17, INT+3, MND+11, Haste+4%, "Subtle Blow"+3, MAB+3, Magic Acc+6, Evasion+12, Damage taken -2%, bonus Accuracy boost.


Jobs that can use: WHM, BLM, RDM, BRD, SMN, SCH, PUP

Total Stat bonuses: 134 Defense, Att+4, Acc+4, HP+64, MP+90, DEX+4, INT+4, MND+9, CHR+9, Eva+5, Enmity-11, Haste+4%, Physical damage taken -3%, "Conserve MP"+5, MAB+4, Magic Acc+6, hMP+5, Pet: Defense+10, bonus Magic Defense boost.

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