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Guild Wars 2
The lost nation of Orr, drowned during the cataclysm caused by Vizier Khibron, has excited fans and artists alike. Bringing it back for Guild Wars 2, in a new and exciting direction, was elementary. As the stronghold of the undead dragon, Zhaitan, Orr has risen an an undead abbatoir of darkness and decay. Arah, the city built by the human gods, rises from beneath the waves, but it has become a place of nightmares.

Orr provides us with a loctaion for awesome spectacle: dark vistas of a hellish landscape unlike anything we've ever done in Guild Wars. In contrast, the Realm of Torrent wasn't built on a reconizable template like the roads, buildings , and cities of Orr. Orr, however, is a twisted landscape whose familiar features only make the area more disturbing. The dragon's corruption spreads across the peninsula and the drowned corpses of the Orrian soldiers rise at Zhaitan's command.

A complete unknown to our players, Orr nevertheless has a great deal of lore and history behind it, as well as a tremendous amount of cataclysm, destruction, and dark magic that has shaped it over the last 250 years. It is a cured land, a dark land, a land from which nightmares rise. We wanted something that would both challenge and haunt our players, giving them a vision of horror that would set the scene for true heroes to rise up and defeat an almost invincible opponent. Living up to those high ambitions wasn't an easy task, but our artists fulfilled our wildest expectations-and then some. We hope you'll agree.

Rotted landscape, twisted and corrupted but based on familiar structures, create the heart of Orr. Every effort was put into making the countryside as eerie and twisted as the monsters that inhabit it.

According to legend, the city of Arah was built by the human gods when they first came to the world of Tyria. Grand structures that both evoke human architecture and alos departed from it in epic, overwhelming manners, helped us establish that “godlike” Olympian feeling.

Dramatic, evocative regions were concepted to get an idea how far we could push these dark lands under the dragon's rule. Scenes such as these eventually shaped some of the more massive structures that mark the landscape.

Broken structures and twisted Orrian citizens abound, destroyed by the cataclysm and corrupted by the violent rising of Orr from the sea. We invite our players to imagine what Orr and its people might have been like before calamity, and to envision the culture of ancient Orr before the destruction and the dragon's return.

Nothing “lives” in Orr. They only inhabitants are the dragon's undead servants, of those fighting to reclaim the nation and destroy Zhaitain. An unwary-or unlucky - traveler who happens upon those dark shores is quickly assaulted, killed, and converted to serve the dragon's power.

Of course, the centerpiece of Orr is the ferocious, primordial dragon, Zhaitain, that resides at its heart. Concepts of the undead dragon ranged throughout the spectrum. These make an excellent showcase for our artists vivid imaginations and amazing talents.

Some of our largest scale battles occur in Orr, against many of the most dangerous opponents in the game. The dragon itself is like a primitive force of nature, unknowable and ravenous, its minions spread out from civilized lands of Tyria.

The monsters of Orr had to represent the nature of the dragon that has seized that nation; corrupt, undead, and destructive. Some of the most striking creatures in our game can be found here, buit purely from the imagination (and in some cases, the nightmare) of our team.

The breath of the dragons exudes their essence, twisting creatures, landscapes, and all things caught in their exhalation into a mimicry of the dragon's power. For the undead dragon, Zhaitain, this means his minions and landscapes are image of decay, watery decomposition, undeath, swampy morass, sickness, and pestilence.

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