Outdoor Bosses (WoW)  

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Most bosses designed for being fought by a group are found within instances. These fights are tuned for the expectation that the maximum number of players for that instance will be there and must work together efficiently to defeat the boss.

There are several bosses that are designed for fighting as a group or even a raid. These range from low-level fights such as Hogger to much more challenging high-end encounters like Doom Lord Kazzak. Most of the easier fights, like Hogger, involve completing a quest and do not even require a full 5 people. When players speak of outdoor bosses, they usually do not refer to these elite quest targets.

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Random Bosses

There are a few rare mobs that are located in a few zones for the purpose of being defeated for decent random loot. Examples of bosses of this nature include:

World Bosses

World bosses are the most frequently-considered outdoor bosses. These are publicly accessible raid targets for groups to try to take down for raid-level loot, and are on a lengthy respawn timer, usually 3 days.

Spawned Encounters

Some special quests and events result in bosses entering the world that need to be defeated. Many of these bosses are related to Opening The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj.

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