Pathos of Alzadaal  

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The Pathos of Alzadaal limits the abilities of all who enter Salvage, making the challenge even harder than first thought would suggest.
When adventurers begin a Salvage mission, they may have as many as 20 different limits hampering their abilities, equipment, and attributes.
Removing these limits requires the defeat of monsters roaming the remnants, enabling adventurers to reach the area "Boss" and recover its treasure.

Removing Pathos

The Pathos of Alzadaal can only be neutralized with cells, found on monsters roaming throughout the area.
Each cell has a specific function, to remove one specific pathos from the character using it.

Congestus CellRemoves VIT Down effect
Fractus CellRemoves DEX Down effect
Humilus CellRemoves HP Down effect
Mediocris CellRemoves CHR Down effect
Nimbus CellRemoves AGI Down effect
Pannus CellRemoves STR Down effect
Pileus CellRemoves MND Down effect
Spissatus CellRemoves MP Down effect
Velum CellRemoves INT Down effect
Castellanus CellUnlocks head and neck equipment
Cirrocumulus CellUnlocks back and waist equipment
Cumulus CellUnlocks body equipment
Incus CellUnlocks weapons and shields
Radiatus CellUnlocks hand equipment
Stratus CellUnlocks leg and feet equipment
Undulatus CellUnlocks ranged and ammo equipment
Virga CellUnlocks earring and ring equipment
Opacus CellUnlocks job abilities, weapon skills
Duplicatus CellUnlocks support job
Praecipitatio CellUnlocks magic
  • Characters must dispose of any cells in their inventory, after leaving Salvage before they may enter again.

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