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Telara is one of many worlds in the known universe, but unlike the others it rests at the intersection of several powerful planes of reality, the very forces that make up all existence. The planes form a nexus of energy around Telara, and it is this unrivaled power that first attracted the mighty elemental gods of the Blood Storm.

Led by Regulos, god of Death, the Blood Storm devoured countless worlds in its unending hunger for conquest. But when these baleful gods moved toward Telara, the Blood Storm turned upon itself; each sought not to destroy Telara, but to rule it.

The vicious infighting that resulted allowed the people of Telara and their native gods to strike back, imprisoning the elemental deities one by one. United, the Telarans expelled even the powerful Regulos, destroying his physical form and then banishing his spirit.

Helped by their gods, the mages of Telara fashioned the Ward, a magical barrier around the world. The Ward would protect Telara from the planes, keeping the peace by imprisoning the captured Blood Storm and preventing the return of Regulos.

For eons, the Ward held. And then, abruptly, it was breached.

Aedraxis, a king whose rivalry with his brother led to the Mathosian Civil War, somehow made it possible for Regulos' power to slip through again into Telara. The Ward was fractured, and a devastating magical disaster known as the Shade swept across the land, destroying or maiming whatever it touched.

In the eighty years since, massive rifts have begun to appear where the planes intersect, tearing through the Ward and bringing the chaos of these outer dimensions to Telara.

By studying the rifts, Telaran scholars have so far identified six planes that interact with Telara through cracks in the Ward, each representing a primal element of the universe: Life, Death, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. There are many theories about the true nature of these discoveries, and there is much yet to be learned. But one thing is generally agreed: The elemental planes are in danger of destroying the world of Telara and must be stopped at all costs. [1]

The Planes

There are six planes that are breaching the world and invading Telara:

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