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The Best of the Best

Every now and then, members of the community step back from their red mage rants, philosophical debates and /brd flame wars to recognize those special players among us. These unique individuals amuse us with their humor, wow us with their wisdom and ground us with their sensibilities.

They are the Players of the Month.

Here you can revisit the profiles and interviews from the winners of this prestigious award.



December: ThePsychoticOne

November: Nightsintdreams

October: Jinte

September: Catwho

August: Gigasnail

July: Kenage

June: Nilatai

May: Tummie

April: Darkdoom

March: Melphina

February: bsphil

January: Furionstormrage


December: CactuarSensei

November: Jinte

October: Tummie

September: Catwho

June: Vrytreya

March: Pahn

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