Primordial Adornments (EQ2)  

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There are ten new primordial adornment recipes for the 11 tiers. These recipes are sold by adorning vendors, like the one on the Butcherblock Mountains docks, and are one per tier, except for T10/T11. NOTE that failure to complete the combines appear to return the fuel, not the rare.


The primary ingredient, which will be a primordial fragment of some sort, seems to an ultra-ultra-rare off any node in the appropriate tier. The fragments are also no-trade, so you'll need to harvest these on the person who needs the adornment.

The Adornments

Each adornment fits in one slot and only one slot. It is also NO-TRADE, so forget about making these for your alts at this time.They are supposed to grow as you level up.

You can examine the base-level adornments at EQ2U.

ZAM credits this article at EQ2 Traders Corner for the raw, hot-off-test adornment info..

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