Profile Upgrade Search (WoW)  

Allakhazam includes a detailed profile upgrade search that lets you search for equipment upgrades for your character. In order to use the search, you will need to sign up for a free account, log into your account and upload a profile either using wowreader or through our armory importer. Once uploaded, your character will appear on your character list, which is easliy reached from the site menu. The easiest way to do an upgrade search is to pin your character on that page and then the search will appear in the site menu under items. Pinning your character will also show you instant stat comparisons whenever you visit an item page. You can also do an upgrade search by clicking on edit and going through that page.

  • Template. We include preset templates for ease of use that use what we feel are the best stat ratios. You may use this or create your own template.

  • Sorting. This is where you create your own template. Pick the stats you desire in your equipment and provide a ratio. The program will multiple the stat number by the ratio to compare items.

  • Item Details. This lets you sort the types of items you want to acquire.

  • Acquisition Information. Telling you that tier 5 armor is an upgrade doesn't do you much good if you can't get it. Use this section to specify how you want to acquire the item.

  • Minimum Stats. If you wish to limit the selection to a certain stat level, them use this to specify the minimum.

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