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This raid progression guide focuses on zones that can be repeated by groups of players as they progress throughout the game. The difficulty rating for the zones below is based on the most difficult epic mob encountered within that zone. All zones are listed in alphabetical order; any specific progression order suggestions are listed under the tier headers.

Raid zones generally have a minimum and/or maximum group number requirement in order to zone in. A x2 is for two groups, a x3 for three groups and a x4 is for four groups. Many x3 and x4 raid zones can be entered with a less than recommended amount of groups.

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Tier 3 (Levels 20-30)

Zone Name Difficulty
Bloodskull Valley: Maulic's Stronghold x3

Tier 4 (Levels 30-40)

Zone Name Difficulty
The Trembling Lagoon x3

Tier 5 (Levels 40-50)

Zone Name Difficulty
A Meeting of the Minds x3
Commune of K`Dal x4
Drayek's Chamber x4
Echoes of Time: Epic x4
Shattered Stillness: Epic x4
Spirits of the Lost x4
The Cove of Decay: Epic Angler x4
The Crypt of T'Haen: Vengeance x4
The Crypt of Vox x4
The Deserted Mine x4

Tier 6 (Levels 50-60)

Zone Name Difficulty
Lockjaw's Lair x4
The Court of Al'Afaz x4
The Djinn Master's Prism x4
The Fountain of Life x4
The Gates of Ahket Aken x4
The Pedestal of Sky x4
The Poets Palace: Return x4

Tier 7 (Levels 60-70)

Zone Name Difficulty
Antechamber of Fate x4
Ascent of the Awakened x2
Ascent of the Awakened: Audience with the Guardian x4
Deathtoll x4
Freethinker Hideout x4
Halls of the Seeing x4
Mistmoore's Inner Sanctum x4
The Clockwork Menace Factory x4
The Emerald Halls x4
The Laboratory of Lord Vyemm x4
The Lyceum of Abhorrence x4
Throne of New Tunaria x4
Xux'laio's Roost x2

Tier 8 (Levels 70-80)

Suggested T8 TSO x4 progression is a follows: Tomb of the Mad Crusader, Ykesha's Inner Stronghold, Palace of the Ancient One, Zarrakon's Abyssal Chamber, Munzok's Material Bastion, Miragul's Planar Shard.

Zone Name Difficulty
Kurn's Tower x2
Miragul's Planar Shard x4
Munzok's Material Bastion x4
Palace of the Ancient One x4
Shard of Hate x4
The Chamber of Destiny x4
The Execution Throne Room x4
The Protector's Realm x4
The Temple of Kor-Sha x4
The Tomb of Thuuga x4
Tomb of the Mad Crusader x4
Trakanon's Lair x4
Veeshan's Peak x4
Venril Sathir's Lair x4
Ward of Elements x2
Ykesha's Inner Stronghold x4
Zarrakon's Abyssal Chamber x4

Tier 9 (Levels 80-90)

Suggested T9 x4 progression is as follows: Icy Keep: Retribution, Lair of the Dragon Queen, Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory, Palace of Roehn Theer and Underfoot Depths. It has also been noted that the first mobs in the next zone up the chain are easier than the final mobs in the previous zone, so if you're having issues with final mobs in a zone, move on for a while!

With Destiny of Velious, raiders will want to progress through the x2 Tower of Frozen Shadows, then onto Kraytoc's Fortress, and finally to the two Kael Drakkel raids in Throne of Storms: Hall of Legends and Temple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone.

Zone Name Difficulty
Icy Keep: Retribution x4
Lair of the Dragon Queen x4
Perah'Celsis' Abominable Laboratory x4
The Palace of Roehn Theer x4
The Vigilant: Final Destruction x2
Underfoot Depths x4
Tower of Frozen Shadow x2
Kraytoc's Fortress of Rime x4
Throne of Storms: Hall of Legends x4
Temple of Rallos Zek: Foundations of Stone x4
Sullon's Spire x4
Citadel of V'uul x2
Tallon's Stronghold x4
Vallon's Tower x4
Plane of War x4

Tier 10 (Levels 90-100)

Zone Name Difficulty
Sleeper's Tomb: Unearthed x4
Temple of the Faceless: Altar of Abhorrence x4
Harrow's End x4
Accursed Sanctum
Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Edifice
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