Reclaiming Eggs - by Isyris (WoW)  

Brushing green-blue bangs out of her eyes, the night elf sat back on her heels and admired her work. The large knapsack she usually carried was now lumpy and full to bursting, stuffed with everything soft she could find. She'd even used her spare clothes as cushioning for the five precious gryphon eggs: nothing was going to stop her from getting them back to Aerie Peak safe and sound.

With a grunt, she hefted the awkward load onto her back, checking her weapons as she did so and making sure that her pack didn't get in the way. There were still a few trolls left nearby, and she didn't want to be caught unarmed. Silently signaling the ghostlike cat beside her to move ahead and scout the way, she began the descent back down the temple.

The journey back to Aerie Peak was relatively uneventful, thanks to her saber's keen senses alerting her whenever danger passed nearby, and Izsera was soon climbing the ramp up the the gryphon roosts, eager to deliver the eggs to safety.

"Izsera! Wait!"

Recognizing the voice, she stifled a groan. There was no use trying to avoid him, though. Turning, she settled the pack carefully on the ground, and waited as the stout Draenei ambassador puffed up the ramp. He had to stop to catch his breath, and stood panting for a few moments before he could speak.

"So, did you find him? Where is he?"

She took a little more pleasure than she should have in describing the Wildhammer dwarf's demise in great and gruesome detail, and in watching the annoying man's naturally pale skin go even lighter. She wasn't happy about Featherbeard's death, far from it, but anything she could do to cause discomfort to this pompous ass...

Rualeth's face tentacles waved nervously, looking as if they wanted to latch on to something (maybe, she thought, they would eventually strangle him) and he let out a low moan. "But...but my audience will be delayed indefinitely!"

Of course, she thought, grimacing. He doesn't even care that the dwarf's dead, except that it makes his job a little harder.

Now the Draenei's eyes caught on her pack and he reached eagerly for it. "What's in there? Are those the--"

She scooped up the lump bundle before he could get to it. "Yes, these are the eggs that Featherbeard found, that I rescued, which," She glared at him, silver eyes narrow "I am now taking to deliver to the proper authorities."


Before he could say any more, she had taken off up the ramp.

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