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for a table of all items that can be bartered for Reputation, not including items for Tasks, see Reputation Items
for a list of the Tasks you can do for Reputation, and the Items needed, see the Tasks subheading on the Quest Series page for the zone you are currently questing in.

Reputation is LotRO's version of Faction. As your Reputation improves special merchants will offer you items for sale that were not available to you before.

Your Reputation with most factions starts out as Neutral then improves as you complete Reputation quests and give them special Reputation Items.

  • -10,000 - Outsider (Lossoth of Forochel starting point)
  • 0 - Neutral (starting point for everyone else)
  • 10,000 (+10k) - Acquaintance
  • 30,000 (+20k) - Friend
  • 55,000 (+25k) - Ally
  • 85,000 (+30k) - Kindred

When you start the game, or start a new character, you will have four factions listed on the Reputation tab of your Character panel: Men of Bree, Thorin's Hall, The Mathom Society, and Elves of Rivendell, all of them at Neutral. As you adventure and encounter other factions they will be added to your Reputation tab.

Reputation Items are items you will find on mobs that one or another faction likes to see as evidence that you are fighting their fight for them. Many, but not all, of these items cannot be bartered until you have completed an Introduction quest. These quests will be given by the same Barter NPC that wants the item. Some items can be turned in one at a time, but many require stacks of 10.

See also: Factions

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Men of Bree

  • Zone: Bree-land
  • Home Base: Bree-town

The Men of Bree have stood as a bastion of commerce and stubborn strength in the north since nearly the beginning of the Third Age.

Since the fall of Arnor, they have kept a wary eye upon the cursed Barrow-downs, prepared to face the dark evil that slumbers there, waiting to awaken at its master's heed.

See Men of Bree

Thorin's Hall

  • Zone: Ered Luin
  • Home Base: Thorin's Hall

See Thorin's Hall

The Wardens of Annúminas

  • Zone: Evendim
  • Home Base: Tinnudir

See Wardens of Annúminas

Rangers of Esteldín

  • Zone: North Downs
  • Home Base: Esteldin

See Rangers of Esteldin

The Mathom Society

  • Zone: The Shire
  • Home Base: Michel Delving

See The Mathom Society

Elves of Rivendell

  • Zone: Trollshaws
  • Home Base: Rivendell (Imladris)

See Elves of Rivendell

Lossoth of Forochel

The Snowmen of Forochel are a distrustful and superstitious people, dwelling ever in the shadow of Angmar. It will take many great deeds to gain favour in their eyes.

Your Reputation with Lossoth of Forochel starts as Outsider.

See Lossoth of Forochel

The Eglain

  • Zone: Lone-lands
  • Home Base: Ost Guruth
  • Reputation Item:

The Eglain, an estranged people of the Lone-lands, have shunned the bonds of society for a simple life eked out in the harsh climes of this forgotten stretch of land along the Great East Road. They have little contact with Men or Elves and make their livelihood by trading the rare relics that they find exposed in the ruins strewn throughout the Lone-lands.

See The Eglain

The Minions of Muiráthakh

  • Zone: Angmar
  • Home Base: Aughaire
  • Reputation Item:

Council of the North

A council of several races who struggle to take the war into the heart of Angmar itself. They strike from the hidden refuge of Gath Forthnír in the far northern wastes of Angmar.

The Faction Barter and Trade merchants are found within Gath Forthnír in the east of Himbar. Before you can barter with them you must first complete the Introduction quests:

  1. Bone Amulets -- Introduction<s> (45)
  2. War Dispatches -- Introduction<s> (49)
  3. Wicked Daggers -- Introduction<s> (49)

Barter Merchants:

See Council of the North


Both Iron Garrison factions want the same items. Giving items to one does not decrease your standing with the other. If you are Warden or Hunter you need Acquaintance with the Miners to get your travel skill to the Twenty-first hall, but you cannot use it until Level 56. At least by level 58 everyone will want to have Kindred standing with the Guards to get your Class trait book. Which one you complete first is up to you.

Iron Garrison Miners

  • Faction NPCs:
  • Items for sale:
    • Travel skills for Hunter and Warden (req's Acquaintance and Lvl 56) to The Twenty-first Hall
    • Gloves (Acquantance), Earrings (Friend), Pocket items (Ally), and Cloaks (Kindred) focused on stats for Tactical classes
    • Mounts: Tame Redhorn-goat<s> (Acquaintance) and Nimble Redhorn-goat<s> (Kindred)

See Iron Garrison Miners

Iron Garrison Guards

  • Faction NPCs:
  • Items for sale:
      • A book for each class that rewards a Class trait (req's Kindred)
      • Boots (Acquantance), Rings & Shields (Friend), and Pocket items (Ally) focused on stats for Melee classes

See Iron Garrison Guards

Supply Caches

There are Iron Garrison supply caches scattered through Moria: at Hadudbab in Durin's way, Mezer-serej in Zelem-melek, and Gharaf-fehem in the Redhorn Lodes. Use of the Supply Cache requires 6 Iron Garrison Resource Tokens<s> with which to buy a Sturdy Iron Key<s>. The Iron Garrison Resource Cache<s> opened by the key will provide a substantial quantity of rare and common crafting supplies.

You can also trade the Iron Garrison Resource Tokens<s> for Heritage Runes which impart Item XP to your slotted Legendary Items. These runes come in many sizes, from the Worn Heritage Rune of Learning<s> (1 token, 5000 ItemXP) to the Complex Heritage Rune of Legend<s> (18 tokens, 190000 ItemXP).

At each Cache two of the NPCs will have the same stuff to barter, at least one will also offer a daily repeatable Level 58 quest that rewards faction standing and one Iron Garrison Resource Token<s>, and one of them will a single item, a Lothlorien Gold Leaf<s>, offered for 3 Iron Garrison Resource Tokens<s> by a Reputation Trader simply identified as Galadhrim<s>. This leaf is a Reputation Item for the Elves of Lothlorien.


The Elves of Lothlórien

Unlike most factions, there are no items that can be exchanged for increased standing. All Reputation with the Galadhrim is earned through questing. Below is a list of repeatable quests that award Galadhrim reputation. Additionally, many quests in Lothlórien also reward Lothlórien Silver Branches<s> and/or Lothlórien Gold Leaves<s>. These can be exchanged with Barterers at many of the locations in Lothlórien for a wide range of items including costumes, decorations, recipes, potions, weapons, and mounts.

Repeatable Quests That Reward Galadhrim Reputation, by Location

Pretty much every quest in Lothlórien rewards Reputation with Galadhrim. These are just the repeatable ones.

See Galladhrim


See Malledhrim


Crafting Guilds

Each of the Production crafts has a Guild-hall where you will have to go to receive Supreme Mastery training.

  • Cook's
  • Jeweller's - Esteldin
  • Metalsmith's
  • Scholar's*Tailor's - Esteldin
  • Weaponsmith's - Thorin's Hall
  • Woodworker's - Esteldin

The Ale Association & The Inn League

These two organizations are in-semi-unfriendly competition with each other, performing small acts of sabotage such as drilling holes in each-others kegs. Any quest you do that increases Reputation with one will decrease it with the other, but not by as much. Eventually it should be possible to attain Kindred with both, but it may be better to just choose one and stick with it.

Most, but not all, of their quests are Festival Quests and are only available during one of the several festivals in the year.

The Ale Association


  1. The Ale Association Challenge - This is a drinking game, and a race at that. Do not do this unless you have time to wait until you are sober afterwards. This is not a good quest to do just before raid time.
    1. The Ale Association Challenge: Introduction<s> (10)
    2. The Ale Association Challenge: The Prancing Pony<s> (10)
    3. The Ale Association Challenge: The Combe-gate<s> (10)
    4. The Ale Association Challenge: Staddle<s> (10)
    5. The Ale Association Challenge: The Garden<s> (10)
    6. The Ale Association Challenge: The Stone Quarter<s> (10)

Thorin's Hall: Jónar<s>

  1. Tainted Mug<s> (10) - steal 4 recipes from within the Shire

See The Ale Association

The Inn League

See The Inn League

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