Rift Item:Inert Raptor Egg (Level 1)  

Ashes of History
World Event

October 13, 2011
Hatches into an Ash Strider when it reaches level 35. Infuse with Burning Earth Shards (which drop from Earth and Fire rifts or can be purchased from the World Event Merchant for 75 Magma Opals).

As the level rises the name indicates it's change in status:

  1. Inert Raptor Egg (Level 1) to Level 10
  2. Warmed Raptor Egg (Level 11) to Level 20
  3. Glowing Raptor Egg (Level 21) to Level 30
  4. Molten Raptor Egg (Level 31) to Level 35
  5. Hatch the egg into an Ash Strider

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