Rift Mob:Borrin Gammult  

Borrin Gammult, Mathosia, Thontic's Fountain

Level 5 located at: 1155,1350

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Though I'm the king of Lord's Hall, I've never lost my taste for battle, nor my love for the hammer and anvil. Now that Aedraxis has let loose Regulos into this land, here's hoping I get to smash some skulls!

What's going on here? When I heard King Aedraxis had rescinded the ban against Ethian machines, I was appalled. Then when I heard he'd begun weakening the Ward holding back Regulos, I mobilized my entire army of dwarves from the Lord's Hall delve in Scarwood Reach and brought them here to stop Aedraxis.

Sadly, they are all dead now. The Tyrant and his death rift felled them on Thedeor Fields, and now the undead run rampant through the streets.

The Vigil gave us a second chance, however. By their light, we will end Aedraxis or die in the effort. I am a king without a people, but my hammer is at your service.


There's no way out of this except forward, my friends.
We must hold this plaza if we are to take back Ardenburgh.

Borrin Gammult, Mathosia, Eye of Regulos

Level 5 located at: 815,890

Borrin Gammult, Sanctum, Sanctuary Building

Level 52 at unknown coordinates

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