Rift Mob:Caor Ashstone  

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Regular Fight Encounter

Caor is a straight forward tank and spank boss with one complication. His 19,800 health pool will take a while to whittle down and during that time he will be attempting to stack up his Jagged Wounds debuff on your tank. The key to this fight is killing him before your tank becomes unhealable. It should be noted that a tank who can evade enough of his debuffing attacks will drop the stacks of the debuff.

There are two safe solutions to this. The first is to make sure your DPS classes are burning the boss as hard and for as long as they can. Make sure they start attacking immediately after the tanks lands his first solid blow. It would also be wise for the healer to get a few shots in early in the fight. The second option is to bring a DPS class that has a healing soul, like a rogue with a bard soul or a mage with a chloromancer soul. That way late in the fight when the damage gets particularly high they can switch to helping heal.

Expert Fight Encounter

This fight is much more difficult on Expert. The hallway leading to Venoxa should be clear. The healer should hug the right wall to stay out of LoS of the boss. DPS should stand at the entrance to the hall, and the tank should keep the boss as close to the wall outside the hall as possible. Debuffs and silences should be cleansed as much as possible. As the stacking debuff to damage output gets higher, DPS should LoS the boss to let their stacks fall off. This fight is a dps race to kill the boss before the tank dies of his stacking damage increasing debuff.


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