Rift Mob:Cyril Kalmar  

Cyril Kalmar, Mathosia, Valor Hold

Level 5 located at: 1030,1055

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Aedraxis defeated us when we were mortal, but he will not defeat the Ascended. Chosen for our might, not even Regulos can stand in our way.

What's going on here?
I came to Mathosia to battle the Tyrant, to take his head, and to see Zareph crowned king. Instead, King Aedraxis brought Regulos into this land and all our plans are unimportant now.

The Vigil chose us for our innate abilities, our inherent power. It was no accident that they chose you.

The power of the Ascended cannot be experienced by mere mortals. The soldiers that survived the rift are frightened. They fear what's coming, and they fear you. But they also look to you as the hand of the gods, and for that reason you must be better than yourself. You must be a guardian of this world.

The maw of death stands before us. When the time is right, we will deal the deathblow that rights the wrongs of Aedraxis. Evil will be held to account.


We will trample these abominations underfoot and reclaim this world for the faithful.

Inside the tent behind Cyril is the book, Amardis Mathos: Paladin.

Cyril Kalmar, Mathosia, Eye of Regulos

Level 5 located at: 815,890

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