Rift Mob:Dame Sigga  

Dame Sigga, Freemarch, King's Retreat

Level 8 located at: 6269, 4524 with 346 hitpoints

"With the planar barrier weakening, we can expect more hardship in the days ahead." - Dame Sigga

User - "What goes on here?"

"The Endless Court has led an army here comprised of Defiants whose souls weren't strong enough to withstand the cultists' death-magic. Their spirits broken, their minds shattered, they degenerated into the beings out on the battlefield." - Dame Sigga

User - "What is their purpose?"

"The Endless Court serves the dragon god Regulos, who seeks to destroy Telara and feed on its ashes. Their actions weaken the Ward - the planar barrier that bars Regulos from this world. As Defiants, we must be prepared to defeat him when he finally arrives upon Telara." - Dame Sigga

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