Rift Mob:Doctor Klondale  

Doctor Klondale, Freemarch, King's Retreat

Level 8 located at: 6270, 4529 with 346 hitpoints

"Please, don't get hurt out there. I'm overworked as it is!" - Doctor Klondale

User - "Why is this place called King's Retreat?"

"These lands belonged to the kings of the Eth long ago. When the Eth Empire fell nearly six centuries ago, warlord Jakub rose up in their place. He was a brutal tyrant, but was finally overthrown by Eliam, the first March Warden." - Doctor Klondale

User - "So Eliam became king?"

"No, after Jakub, we were done with kings. Now we choose our leaders. Denegar is our current March Warden. Last I heard, he was defending Smith's Haven from attack. Hopefully, once he's done there, he'll come and drive out these cultists!" - Doctor Klondale

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