Rift Mob:Duke Letareus  

Chronicle: Greenscale's Blight
Duke Letareus
Infiltrator Johlen
Oracle Aleria
Prince Hylas
Lord Greenscale

Greenscale's Blight
Duke Letareus
Infiltrator Johlen
Oracle Aleria
Prince Hylas
Lord Greenscale
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Boss encounter in Greenscale's Blight.


Duke Letareus is an encounter which will test precision-tanking and DPS control. For this fight, we used two tanks, three healers, three support and 12 DPS. Although your composition may vary.

From the pull, we kept the Duke in his original position and had all ranged and healers stack tightly in the middle. We had an offtank pull a Slimy Shambler and bring it to very low health. This was to mitigate Furious Pursuit, which will begin immediately after a cast of Unleash Wrath and lasts approximately 20 seconds. The tank must kite Letareus during this, as any tank will be one-shot by his unleash wrath. What we did was to have all melee and the tank run away during the Unleash Wrath cast, and the tank would kite him in the direction of a tanked shambler. Unleash Wrath should kill the Shambler and leave a pile of goo which will slow down the Duke.

Throughout the encounter, 3 types of adds are spawned randomly. The first is Devious Brownies, which will spawn at the beginning of the fight and after every Furious Pursuit. Six total will spawn with three in the front and three in the rear. What we chose to do was to have a melee DPS aggro these to the middle and have ranged DPS AoE these down. These do apply a 5% healing received debuff, however. So if the strain ends up a bit much for your healers, you may choose to have a second offtank to handle these.

The second form of adds are Fluttering Pixies. These spawn throughout the encounter and randomly shoot raid members for approximately 1k damage. These have low health and may be easily taken down by a ranged DPS.

Last (but certainly not least) are Devious Faeries. These adds cast an ability which hits the entire raid for 75% of their health. For this, we chose to assign a melee DPS with an interrupt to each faerie. The rest of the DPS should help AoE these down quickly. We chose to have our Shambler offtank pick these up.

Once the Duke reaches 25%, add spawns will increase drastically. At this point, we had the offtank handle as many adds as possible while healing through any that remained and one ranged assigned to take down any Fluttering Pixies. For the remainder of the DPS this was a burn phase until about 10% when the Duke enters his final Furious Pursuit. At this time, melee DPS focused on the adds while ranged burned Letareus down for the kill.


Alternate Strategy

Suggested Raid Set-up

  • 2 Tanks
  • 3 Healers
  • 2 Support (Bard/Archon)
  • 13 DPS

The Pull

The MT will charge in and tank Duck Leotard where he stands. OT#2 will pick up 2 shamblers and get them to shambler position #1. The rest of the raid will stack behind Duke Letareus at Position A, with the healers clumping on OT#1.

The Fight

After the pull, 6 adds will spawn that will be picked up by OT#1. OT#1 will tank the adds in position 3 so they do not melee the healers. The raid will AoE the adds when threat has been established. OT#1 will call out for this. After the adds are down, DPS will continue on the Duke.

When Unleash Wrath begins to channel, melee will kill Shambler #1. He will then channel Furious Pursuit and chase the MT. At this point, the first shambler will need to be popped, with the other 3 popped in staggered 10-15 second increments. Melee DPS will focus on the shamblers, while ranged DPS will handle adds. Any free DPS time will be used to DPS the Duke.

OT #2, will pick up one to two turtles at a time, and bring them down to low health. If needed, one ranged DPS will DPS a shambler so that it is low enough to be killed as soon as Duke channels Furious Pursuit. They will be marked and killed in order, in their respectful positions.

During this time, the MT will be kiting Duke Retardicus from “goo” to “goo”, maintaining threat as best he can. It is extremely important that the tank never, EVER get within melee range of Duke Letarious, until his Furious Pursuit is up.

This is rinse and repeat until the Ground Borne Fairies spawn. At this point, two DPS warriors (or OT#1 and 1 DPS warrior) will each pick one up, and DPS will focus them down and interrupt any spells ASAP. DPS will kill the Faerie marked with #1 first.

At 25% the add spawns escalate, and become almost unmanageable. OT#1 will pick up the brownies, and the DPS warriors will focus all their attention on interrupting the Ground Borne Faeries. The rest of the raid will burn Letareus to 10%, then clear out the adds. Continue kiting him through slimy shamblers, and you are good to go.

As long as the shamblers are down in the right spots, and the tank doesn't get caught, this fight should be cake.

Video Guide

ZAM would like to thank Isomalt of Unstable for the original information in this strategy.

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