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Expert Fight Encounter

Icetalon is the second encounter in Abyssal Precipice. This is a two-phase encounter with significant party and tank damage. Two healers, ideally each with dispels, is strongly recommended for this encounter.

During phase one, you will be fighting Falconer Landrac. Landrac has two things to watch out for.

First, he will occasionally lift a party member in the air and knock them backwards, away from him. For this reason, players should always make sure their back to the mountainside.

Second, he will summon three adds to his side. These are trivial adds, though they should be killed with cleaves and AOEs.

At 20% health, Landrac will begin summoning Icetalon from the nearby cliffs. He will become slightly transparent at this point, but DPS should make sure they continue to DPS him and any remaining adds down as fast as possible to ensure a smooth transition into phase 2.

Phase 2 begins when Icetalon flies onto the platform. Icetalon needs to be picked up immediately by the tank. Icetalon has several abilities to watch out for.

First, Icetalon will occasionally charge players, stunning them and leaving a very damaging DOT on them that needs to be dispelled immediately.

Second, Icetalon will still lift players into the air and knock them backwards, just as Falconer Landrac did.

Finally, Icetalon will frequently put a very powerful DOT on the tank that will only be dispelled if the tank is healed to full. For this reason, it is best to keep the tank topped off throughout the encounter.

This encounter has no DPS timer.

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