Rift Mob:Infiltrator Johlen  

Chronicle: Greenscale's Blight
Duke Letareus
Infiltrator Johlen
Oracle Aleria
Prince Hylas
Lord Greenscale

Greenscale's Blight
Duke Letareus
Infiltrator Johlen
Oracle Aleria
Prince Hylas
Lord Greenscale
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Boss encounter in Greenscale's Blight. To make sure you see the correct loot table click here

Known Information

  • Health: 2,130,344
  • Tank Damage: Tank damage is relatively low, just the normal 3.5k-4k hits from the boss.
  • Raid Damage: This depends on the competence of your raid. If you use pets to destroy concussion bombs, dodge landmines and avoid Swarming wisps, there will be next to none. 1 Chloromancer and 1 Bard should be more then enough to cover all raid damage.


  • Landmine: Targets one raid member and spawns a void zone at their feet. They have about seconds to move out before it detonates and does 1.5kish damage and knockbacks.
  • Blinding Bomb: Starts being used after 75% health and is thrown at a random raid member. They blind in an AoE around them and if you are looking at them. If blinded, you will be "confused" for 3 seconds.

Adds Spawned

  • Concussion Bomb: Has 5.7k health. Infiltrator will shadow stalk (teleport) to a random raid member and lay a red barrel at their feet. After 2 seconds the bomb becomes armed. If you step into the bubble, you will get knocked back, stunned and take 1200damage. The bombs can either be DPS'd down, or you can send a pet into their detonate the bomb.
  • Devastating Bomb: Infiltrator becomes immune to all attacks and spawns one every 25% health. The bomb has 270,531 health. Every single raid member must immediately begin DPSing the bomb. You have 25 seconds to kill it, before it kills your raid.
  • Swarming Wisp: There are 2 versions of these in the fight. One are the yellow orbs flying on the outskirts of the fight area (just past the pillars). These do 3.5k damage a hit and must be avoided at all costs.

The second type is spawned at 25% and flies through the raid. Quite a few spawn at once, possibly 20 and continue moving through the raid from 25%-Dead. They do 1700dmg a hit.

Bombs are used in increasing increments as Infiltrator gets lower in health. Here are the percentages:

  • 100%-75%:
    • 1x Concussion Bomb
    • 1x Landmine
  • 50%-75%
    • 2x Concussion Bombs
    • 1x Landmine
    • 1x Blinding Bomb
  • 50%-25%
    • 3x Concussion Bombs
    • 1x Landmine
    • 2x Blinding Bombs
  • 25%-Dead
    • 3%Concussion Bombs
    • 1x Landmine
    • 2x Blinding Bombs


Infiltrator Johlen is an encounter with relatively few mechanics. Nonetheless, this fight will test any raid crew to the limit of their coordination.

On the pull, wisps will spawn and patrol the rectangular area outside the four pillars. Any raider who finds themselves in that area will meet a very rapid demise. While this sounds simple enough, it is complicated by the first of 3 bomb abilities Infiltrator Johlen will cast throughout the encounter. These are simple bombs with a knockback and will kill anyone within the 3 concentric AoE circles on the ground. What we did was to tank Johlen in the center, and split ranged and heals into 4 groups. Each were positioned about halfway in-between the boss and one of the pillars.

The second of Johlen's bomb abilities is Blinding Bomb, which is thrown at a random location on the ground. Once thrown, raiders have approximately 8 seconds to face away from it or they will find themselves blinded for 8 seconds. This ability will hurt most if your healers are taken out of commission.

The final bomb ability to note is Devastating Bomb. When this is spawned, Johlen will become immune until either the bomb is killed, or it explodes (killing the raid). Raiders have approximately 22 seconds to take down the bomb.

At 20% health, the wisps form a circle around Johlen and slowly constrict and the fight then becomes a DPS race. What we chose to do was have the melee stacked tightly behind the boss and have ranged stand against their assigned pillars. During this phase, both the knockback bombs and Blinding Bombs still get thrown. So it is up to the individual raider to keep themselves alive and take Johlen down for the kill.

Even the most veteran of raid crews tend to experience deaths in this encounter. So it is important to coordinate battle rez's and to be prepared to rework your placement strategy at a moment's notice. For the individual raider, this is a mechanics over DPS fight.


Alternate Strategy

Suggested Raid Set-up

1 Tank 2 Healers (1 chloro, 1 tank healer) 1 Bard 16 DPS

The Pull

On the pull, the tank will position himself in the middle of the room, with the ranged spreading out.

The Fight

Anytime a landmine spawns, the members in the "voidzone" will move out as fast as possible. If spawned in the middle, the tank will drag Johlen out, then back in after the landmine has detonated.

When a concussion bomb is spawned, all raid members in the area will move out of the area. One designated raid member with a pet will send his pet in to detonate the concussion bomb.

At 75% all raid members will use a macro to target the Devastating Bomb, pop all cooldowns, and DPS the bomb as hard as possible. You have 25 seconds to do 275,031 damage before the bomb detonates and wipes the raid.

After this first bomb phase, Johlen starts spawning extra bombs, and using Blinding bomb. Blinding bombs both blind if you are looking at them, and in an AoE around them. Concussion bombs are to be dealt with in the same manner.

The fight continues as per the first 25% health with the addition of the Blinding bombs. Now that these are in play, you must make sure that he throws one before you push him into dropping the next devastating bomb. If you do not wait, there is a good chance he will blind your raid during the burn phase.

After the last Devastating bomb, Swarming Wisps will start flying through the raid group en masse. These must be dodged as much as possible. Johlen spawns the same amount of bombs in this phase as the 50%-25% phase.


ZAM would like to thank Isomalt of Unstable for the original information in this strategy.

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