Rift Mob:Lord Greenscale  

Chronicle: Greenscale's Blight
Duke Letareus
Infiltrator Johlen
Oracle Aleria
Prince Hylas
Lord Greenscale

Greenscale's Blight
Duke Letareus
Infiltrator Johlen
Oracle Aleria
Prince Hylas
Lord Greenscale
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Boss encounter in Greenscale's Blight.

Known Information

  • Health: 4,152,095


  • Noxious Fumes: Used every 20-30 seconds. Puts a 75% reduced healing received on anyone it hits at the end of the channel. Cast time is 2 seconds and it is channeled for 3 seconds and does 3-6k damage a tick.
  • Rending Cleave: Hits for 4.5-6k damage. Always used after Noxious Fumes.
  • Genesis Torrent: Used during the air phase. Hits all raid members for ~2k life damage each.
  • Life Reclamation: Used at the end of the air phase. Greenscale absorbs all leftover health on any of the adds still left alive.
  • Mortal Extermination: Actually cast by the Word of Death that is spawned at the end of the air phase. Deals massive damage to the raid unless the raid stacks in the light leftover by the Verdant Annihilator. Deals ~80 damage a tick when standing in the light.

Adds Spawned

  • Strangle Plant:
    • Health: ~70k
    • Abilities:
      • Lashing Vines: Deals 2k damage to anyone nearby. Slows anyone who is damaged.

  • Noxious Bracken:
    • Health: 20k
    • Abilities:
      • Noxious Spores: Deals 2k damage and drains ~10% energy/mana/power.

  • Toxic Blossom:
    • Health:10k?
    • Abilities:
      • Unstable Spores: Detonates the blossom dealing ~1400 damage to anyone nearby and knocking them back.

  • Verdant Annihilator:
    • Health: 248,416
    • Abilities:
      • Lifebound Rage: Casts buff on himself. Purgeable. Makes him do an extra 1.7k damage per attack.
      • Debilitating Strike: Cleave.

  • Lifebound Scoundrel:
    • Health: 97592
    • Abilities:
      • Shadow Assault: Teleports behind his target and deals 100 damage.
      • Cruel Backstab: Uses when behind his target. Deals 1400 damage.

  • Lifebound Warlord:
    • Health: 115335
    • Abilities:
      • Furious Shockwave: Frontal cone knockback/cleave. Deals 2200 damage on tanks.

  • Lifebound Mender:
    • Health: 97592
    • Abilities:
      • Spirit Bolt: Deals 1300 damage to her target.
      • Word of Mending: Interruptable. Heals her target for 25k health.

  • Sentient Pollen:
    • Health: 5,500
    • Abilities:
      • Life Bolt: Cast very fast on their target. Deals 3-400 damage.
      • Pollen Burst: Deals 4-500 damage to their target (possibly an AoE on death, not sure).
    • Also splits into 3 more pollen every 6 seconds.


Suggested Raid Set-up

  • 2 Tanks
  • 5-7 Healers (2 Chloros)
  • 2-3 Support (1-2 Bards, 1 Archon)
  • 8-11 DPS (Good mix of ranged and melee)

The Fight

Lord Greenscale has 4.1 million health. The tank will want to start by facing Greenscale away from the raid. Melee will want to stack along side of him to avoid tail-swipe. Healers and ranged will want to be loosely stacked along the same side to avoid confusion during the air phase. Lord Greenscale will occasionally spawn plants into the raid. These need to be avoided immediately as soon as they spawn, as they deal 2000 damage per second.

During the air phase, additional plants as well as Lifebound will spawn. These will have the same aggro table as Lord Greenscale when he went into the air. So DPS will have to maintain threat control throughout the encounter. Ideally, the adds will go immediately to the main tank, and they should be moved well away from the raid's Phase 1 positioning. The Mender should be taken out first as it will heal any damage to the other adds. The off-tank should move the Annihilator aside from the raid and move it occasionally while waiting for Greenscale to kill it in order to avoid a plant spawning inside the protective bubble which spawns on the Annihilator's corpse. All raid members should get inside this bubble to mitigate damage from Mortal Extermination.

At 50%, Noxious Bracken will spawn. These should be centered on Greenscale and AoE'd down. At 25%, Sentient Pollen spawn and deal considerable damage to the tank. They also provide a damage buff to Greenscale if they should reach him during the Air Phase, so all DPS need to single-target focus on these and take these down immediately.

From this point, the encounter is rinse and repeat until dead.


ZAM would like to thank Isomalt of Unstable for the original information in this strategy.

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