Rift Mob:Prince Hylas  

Chronicle: Greenscale's Blight
Duke Letareus
Infiltrator Johlen
Oracle Aleria
Prince Hylas
Lord Greenscale

Greenscale's Blight
Duke Letareus
Infiltrator Johlen
Oracle Aleria
Prince Hylas
Lord Greenscale
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Boss encounter in Greenscale's Blight.

Known Information

  • Health: 1,596,960
  • Raid Damage: Quite high once Oracle Aleria spawns. At that point Prince will start using Soul Fracture which does 4k burst damage to the raid, and leaves a DoT that ticks for 1.4k damage. The only other raid damage is Landmine which is completely avoidable.
  • Tank Damage: Fairly low. Can spike higher during soul fracture.


  • Landmine: Randomly targets a raid member and leaves a red ring at their feet. Detonates for 1.5-2k damage and knocks back. Avoidable.
  • Spirit Fracture: Uses this ability before Oracle Aleria is spawned. Once she is spawned, he begins to use Soul Fracture. It is a single target DoT that is cleanseable.
  • Soul Fracture: Usually cast immediately after Contagious Cottontail. Deals 4k damage to the raid, then leaves a DoT that ticks for 1.5k damage. This ability is what makes the fight difficult!
  • Contagious Cottontail: Targets one member of the raid and polymorphs them. After a few seconds, it polys anyone in 15 meters of the original target.
  • 'Princes' Wrath: Channeled for 6-8 seconds. Instantly kills anything inside of it at the end of the channel. Must move all of the pets and melee out of its range.
  • Verdant Strike: Ability used on the tank. Pretty much a normal attack. Can be dodged, parried, and blocked.

Adds Spawned

  • Duke Letareus: Spawns 15 seconds after the pull. Enables Prince to use “Princes Wrath”.
    • Health: 412,991
    • Abilities:
      • Poison void zone: Stacking debuff on anyone who stands in it. Ticks for around 1.5k at max stacks.

  • Infiltrator Johlen: Spawns 45 seconds after the pull. Enables Prince to use “Landmine”.
    • Health: 412,991
    • Abilities:
      • Poison of some sort: Rift stalks to a random raid member and applies a poison to them.

  • Oracle Aleria: Spawns 1m15s after the pull. Enables Prince to use “Contagious Cottontail” and “Soul Fracture”.
    • Health: 412,991
    • Abilities:
      • Spiritual Wrath: Randomly hits 6 raid members for 1.4k damage.
      • Life Bolt: Spam cast on the tank.

  • Treants: Spawned during the channel. Pull people into them and have an AoE damage aura.

  • Wolves: Randomly charge people, and stun them. Charge does about 1k damage.


Prince Hylas is a complicated encounter which tests every aspect of coordination. Precision tanking, healing and DPS control are manadtory for this encounter. We used three tanks, four healers, 2 support and 11 DPS for this encounter, though your composition may vary.

From the pull, we kept Hylas in his native position. We set up ranged and heals into 4 camps 16 yards away from each other, with one healer assigned to each camp.

Every 20 seconds, Hylas will cast Spirit Fracture, a cleansable, single-target damage over time effect. This will continue until Oracle Aleria spawns later in the fight.

Approximately 15 seconds after Hylas is engaged, Duke Letareus will spawn. This will enable the Prince to cast Prince's Wrath. This is an ability that will one-shot anyone within a 10 yard radius. This includes pets. We chose to bring Letareus to the center and take him down quickly, as the next add will spawn 30 seconds after Letareus.

Approximately 45 seconds after Hylas is engaged, Infiltrator Johlen will spawn. This will enable the Prince to throw out landmines. Landmines can and should be avoided, as they do have a knockback and deal moderate damage. We chose to tank Johlen to the side as he has too much health to take down in 30 seconds (or less if the raid was slow to kill Letareus).

Approximately one minute and 15 seconds into the fight, Oracle Aleria will spawn. She will give the Prince 2 abilities: Soul Fracture and Contagious Cottontail. Soul fracture is a variant on Spirit Fracture, except that this will hit the entire raid. Contagious Conttontail is the reason we kept ranged and heals in 4 camps. This ability polymorphs its target and anyone within 15 yards. Ideally, the person targeted should run away from the raid. However, given the hectic mechanics of this fight, it's better safe than sorry.

You will note that Hylas will cast all of his newly-found abilities in succession. Prince's Wrath will cast and the tank runs out, then Contagious Cottontail and then Soul Fracture. He will do this approximately every 20 seconds.

Once Oracle Aleria was down, we then took down Johlen. We chose to ignore the void zone around him and heal through, as the damage wasn't too severe. However, if you find your healers becoming overwhelmed, feel free to kite Letareus. Once all the adds are down, we focused on the Prince, being careful to mitigate all the mechanics. This will continue being a straight-forward DPS and mechanics avoidance fight until approximately 10% health.

At 10%, Hylas will polymorph the entire raid and they will find themselves toward the beginning of the instance. During this, Hylas will have put up a shield that will slowly heal him. So the entire raid must quickly get back to Hylas' chamber. This is made more difficult by wolves you will encounter on the way back. For this, we chose an offtank to lead the charge back, and took a sufficient headstart to pull any wolves on our way back, and tanked them throughout the rest of the encounter.

Once the raid returns to Hylas' Chamber, DPS must quickly take down his shield by performing 70k damage. This would be the time to blow all cooldowns for DPS and Healers, and would be an appropriate time for Verse of Joy, as the healing is most strenuous during the last phase. Once Hylas is out of the shield, he will gain a stacking movement speed and attack buff every 10 seconds. At approximately 9 stacks, this will wipe the raid. This gives one minute and 30 seconds to take down the boss. He will also spawn treants which have an AoE damage aura and will pull random raiders in to them. We had our second offtank handle these while DPS focused on the boss. Once the boss is down, simply AoE adds for the win.


Alternate Strategy

Suggested Raid Set-up

  • 3 Tanks
  • 2 Cleric Tank Healer
  • 2 Chloromancers
  • 2 Clerics specced 16 Justicar/39 Inquisitor/11 Cabalist
  • 1 Bard
  • 1 Archon
  • 9 DPS

The Fight

Before the pull, groups get in position. Tank 1 can pull at this point.

On the pull all DPS can focus on prince for 15 seconds. When Prince starts summoning Duck Letareus, he will cast Princes Wrath. All melee/pets must move out.

Tank 2 will pick up Duke and kite him around the group. Melee should avoid standing in poison.

During this time, Tank#3 will pick up Infiltrator Johlen, and kite him in a counter clockwise circle around the groups. Once Duke is down, Tank#3 will move Johlen into Position A. DPS will nuke Johlen.

After Duke is down, Tank#2 will move to pick up Oracle Aleria. When Aleria spawns, the whole raid must be topped off, and healers must prepare for Soul Fracture. All DPS must peel off of Johlen and DPS Aleria ASAP. Aleria will be tanked as far away from Johlen as possible while still maintaining heal range.

When Aleria is spawned, have a warrior with Crippling Infestation and the Archon, rotating their damage reduction talents on Prince before every Soul Fracture. This will greatly reduce the raid damage.

When all Lieutenants have been killed, Prince Hylas will be focused down. At this point, the raid will need to move for landmines, and heal through Soul Fractures. Melee will need to run out whenever Prince does Princes Wrath.

When Prince reaches 10% health, he will polymorph the whole raid and teleport them back to the beginning. During this time he will be channelling a heal. Tank#3 will be marked and the whole raid must follow him. Everyone must remain grouped during this time. Tank#3 will run at the head of the pack, through the maze with the raid following his every step. The closer the raid is to the left-hand wall, the less of a chance they have of pulling wolves.

Once the raid re-enters Hylas room, everyone will assume their positions and the raid will focus all dps on Hylas. Tank#3 will be tanking the wolves in the rear of the raid. He will still be channeling his heal, and it will take about 70k damage done to him to break him out. During this time, he will also be spawning treants. The goal is to get 1 or none. If one does spawn, Tank #2 will pick it up and tank it at the back of the raid near Tank #3.

Once Hylas is out, all of his abilities from the first phase are used. You can reduce the amount of Soul Fractures cast by moving him around as much as possible. If he becomes out of range while casting soul fracture, there is a chance he will interrupt his own cast.

He also begins to gain a stacking buff that increases his movement speed and damage. He gains 1 stack every 10 seconds.At 9 stacks+ the damage will wipe the raid. This means you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to kill him. Good luck!


ZAM would like to thank Isomalt of Unstable for the original information in this strategy.

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