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Ragnoth the Despoiler
Ragnoth the Despoiler
Ragnoth is the much like the rest of the boss encounters in this instance in that it is basically a tank and spank with one caveat. Like Caor he has 19,800 health. He has three abilities that should be noted. The first is Gout of Flame which is a single target nuke, and can be cast on anyone in the group. The second ability he has is called Chaotic Flame and acts much like a frontal cleave so make sure and keep him pointed away from the group (that means melee don't stand in front of him). And the final and most dangerous ability is called the Flame of Ragnoth. This ability is almost a guarantee wipe if the tank, healer, or more than one DPS get hit by it. Luckily for everyone though there is a simple mechanic that can be used to avoid it. During the fight, right before Ragnoth casts Flame of Ragnoth, Eliam's Ghost will spawn and aid the group by creating a "safe zone". He will always spawn near one of the podiums that surround the altar that Ragnoth stands at. Have your group all gather around Eliam to avoid all damage caused by the Flame of Ragnoth.

The fight should go similar to this. The tank pulls Ragnoth and tanks him near where he spawns facing away from the group. Everything will proceed much like a tank and spank until Eliam spawns. As soon as Eliam's Ghost is spotted have everyone in your group hurry to surround him. After the Flame of Ragnoth has been cast (you will see large flames spiral out from Ragnoth) have everyone move away from the boss and the tank reposition him. Most of the time Ragnoth will only cast his Flame spell once.


This fight is mostly the same on expert mode. At the time of this post, there are minor glitches in the fight that affect the visibility of the safe zones, so positioning the group centrally will give you the maximum amount of time possible to locate the NPC and get to him if his safe zone is not displaying. As always, tank this boss facing away from the group, and every member of the party must reach the safe zone or they will die to the fire DoT effect.

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