Rift Mob:Tephra Lord Maficros  

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Expert Fight Encounter

This fight is in three phases. After moving to the death rift in the center of the zone, Alsbeth and Tephra Lord Maficros will argue with one another. Mephicros will then force the death rift closed and open an Earth rift. From here the fight proceeds as a typical rift event.

Phase 1

Four separate large, high health, high damage scorpions. Twelve small beetles in two wandering packs, simple AoE mobs. If you stay off to the side and watch the beetles run, you can pull them out into the clear in two groups. then single-pull the scorpions.

Phase 2

Four separate large, high health, high damage earth elementals with a cleave that hits anyone within melee range. Twelve small earth elementals in two wandering packs, simple AoE mobs. Like the insects these can be isolated and pulled individually.

During this phase the boss will be creating small noticeable red pulses at random under a player, after roughly 4 seconds the pulse explodes, knocking the target up and back slightly, reducing healing received by 20% for 10 seconds, and dealing light damage over time if you stand inside the area.

Phase 3

Tephra Lord Maficros will spawn and will spawn an add that will run around the area, attacking the death idols. This mob will attack the party if attacked or if you draw too close. It will despawn if you let it destroy the Death Idols, and doing so seems to make the expert difficulty Queen Vallnara fight slightly simpler. Ignoring this add and pulling Tephra Lord Maficros away is recommended. Maficros will continue to spawn the AoE fire patches while you are fighting him, and will melee the tank for significant damage. He will also randomly target a raid member and fire a crystalline missile at the person for a large amount of damage. Warning: if this damage is a critical hit it can potentially instantly kill players with less than ~3500 health. He will also occasionally strike the tank and everyone in front of him with a large frontal cone AoE. Kite the boss when you need to avoid the fire patches, but do not move too far from the rift as, like most rift mobs, he is Tethered to the rift and will reset if pulled too far. Loot and run away from the rift immediately after killing him, as Vallnara will be freed immediately following his death and will engage if you are too close.


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