Rift Quest:A Deeper Sleep  

Get into the lower level of the Shapers Citadel where you will find many alcoves, each with four Artisan Shapers around a Nexus Crystal. The Shapers will NOT attack you despite the fact that their names are red. Walk in and right-click on the Crystal to set the bomb. The four Shapers will change their beams to Red or Yellow. Target any Shaper whose beam is not green and hit them with the Soothing Stone ability. Keep doing this as fast as you can, trying to keep their beams green, until the crystal explodes. Red is the priority! If there is a Red beam and a Yellow beam, pacify the Red one first!

BTW, your pet MAY attack them so make sure to keep him on passive!

HINT: Put the Soothing Stone on a hotkey!

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