Rift Quest:An Amazing Amalgam  

Speak to Nitisko (Guardian) or Aposidis Draxxus (Defiant) to begin this quest.

  1. Use the Suntouched Forge (in The Training Yard in Meridian or at Tavril Plaza in Sanctum) to create various combinations of travel stones.
  2. When successful, you will create a Resonating Inscribed Travel Stone. If you fail, a chest directly next to the forge will give you more stones.
  3. The correct order is:
    1. Red Marked Travel Stone combined with Blue Marked Travel Stone (bottom choice)
    2. Purple Inscribed Travel Stone combined with Yellow Marked Travel Stone (top choice)
  4. Speak to your quest giver to complete the quest. Your reward is 25 Magma Opals.

Ashes of History
World Event

October 13, 2011

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