Rift Quest:Autumn Harvest - Token Effort  

Autumn Harvest
World Event

Speak to Trix in The Realm of the Autumn Harvest to begin this quest.

Autumncap Fungus in a tree
Autumncap Fungus in a tree
Locate 1 Autumncap Fungus for Trix. These can be found in any zone in Telara except for Iron Pine Peak and Stillmoor. You can make a macro with the /tar autumncap command to seek out the fungi - they are extremely difficult to see without (at night they do emit a green glow).

These are located up trees and you must use the Harvest Sickle temporary ability to collect them. Some fungi are located quite a ways up the tree and may require a combination of running and jumping into the tree trunk while hitting the ability to collect them (may also need to be mounted for extra height). Each fungi harvest yields 3.

The reward is 1 Lesser Potion of Autumn Eyes and 1 Autumn Harvest Signet.

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