Rift Quest:Bug Squishing  

World Event
Speak to Darryl at (6191, 5189) in Meridian or at (7415, 3119) in Sanctum to begin this quest.

  • You have 10 minutes to stomp 6 bugs and turn the quest back in. Simply jump on the bugs (easier dismounted) to squish them.
    • Defiant: Stomp 6 bugs by Defiant's Approach in Freemarch around (6267, 5188). Turn in the quest to Darryl nearby at (6251, 5223).
    • Guardian: Stomp 6 bugs outside Sanctum Watch in Silverwood around (7161, 3043). Turn in the quest to Darryl nearby at (7161, 3043).

Reward: 25 Summerfest Merit Badge

Introduced as part of Summerfest in the summer of 2012. You can only squish the bugs when you have this quest (which wants you to squish 6 bugs within 10 minutes) so it would take you 50 repetitions of the quest to get the Exterminator achievement (300 bugs squished) BUT... you can squish more than 6 per day! Just don't turn it in until you get 'em all. You can even abandon the quest, get it again, and squish bugs for another 10 minutes!

Darryl is found both inside the maze and right by the bugs. You can get or turn-in the quest at either one. This quest can be completed daily.

Bugs in Silverwood
Bugs in Silverwood
A bug in Freemarch
A bug in Freemarch

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