Rift Quest:Emissary to the Ice Watch  

Tempest Rising
World Event

10/18/12 to
Speak to Queen Miela on the Wreck of the Endeavor (west of Shoreward Isle) to begin this quest.

  1. Use the Beacon Activation code at the Brevanian Portal Beacon in the Chancel of Labors ( Iron Pine Peak)
    • Stand on the symbol on the ground at (4559, 1606) and use the temporary ability Activate Beacon
  2. Introduce Queen Miela to Luminary Yentia of the Icewatch
  3. Speak with Queen Miela outside the Chancel of Labors (4471, 1708)

This quest rewards experience and coin. It can be completed during the Tempest Rising event after you aid Queen Miela with her daily quest.

The quests Three if by Air! and Infestation should now open up.


You must have completed these quests:

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