Rift Quest:Hand of the Harvest  

Autumn Harvest
World Event

Speak to Atrophinius in The Realm of the Autumn Harvest (1092, 833) to begin this quest.

Help Atrophinius' Minions by helping out in the Realm of the Autumn Harvest. There are multiple ways to do so:

  1. Kick Compost Crawlers back into their pen inside the Autumn Harvest Realm. Use the temporary ability ''Crawler Kick' to kick the crawlers and get them into the pen at (1197, 780). Kick them close to the rock opening to get them to stay. Each crawler increments this quest by 3.
  2. Use Liferoots (found near hedges) to release Vital Life Forces. Liferoots can be spawned by using a ground-target AoE near the hedge. The Rooter razorbeasts also dig up the liferoots. Each liferoot increments this quest by 1.
  3. Kill Summer Ravagers (beetles) in the realm. Each ravager killed increments this quest by 1.

The reward is 1 Potion of Autumn Eyes and either 1 Autumn Harvest Signet or 10 Autumn Harvest Ambersap.

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