Rift Quest:Hylas Needs a Hug  

World Event
Speak to Cledus Redfield at (6643, 2839) in the Highglades Bypass of Silverwood to receive this quest. It is a subquest of The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 and required to complete the Summer of Love achievement.

Seek Hylas near a vicious brigand, kidnapped people near at hand. A follower of Twyl, a green-flamed sconce is filled, he ponders in a fae dreamland.

  • Find and hug Hylas somewhere in Silverwood.
    • Prince Hylas the Wistful is found in Hedgerow Court, up a hill where Makirn spawns in the back part of the maze at (6584, 2490).
    • Target him and type /hug. The Silverwood challenge quest will automatically complete after Hylas is done speaking and disappears.
      • When you hug him, he says: "Oh! That was... unexpected, especially from one such as you. My shoulders bear a heavy burden, Ascended. Comfort is a rare commodity in these times. For your kindness, I give you a small boon. Now, begone."

Reward: 25 Summerfest Merit Badge

Prince Hylas the Wistful (click to enlarge)
Prince Hylas the Wistful (click to enlarge)

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