Rift Quest:King for a Day  

Start this quest by extinguishing the fire at an altar in the Iron Fortress, located at rfitcoord.

When you start this quest head down one level from the alter atop the first northern tower in the Iron Fortress. Go across the north bridge and head to the top of the second northern tower. At the top of the tower use your March Edge to destroy the Idol of Regulos. This will summon Jakub who will be more than slightly displeased with you. He beckons you to follow him for a duel of sorts. A purple pentagram like rune will appear on the floor where Jakub was standing. Stand on top of this to be teleported to another tower top.

The fight against Jakub is a tough one, but there is one tactic you can use to have save you a lot of damage. Icon of Regulos will appear every 30 seconds or so until a total of three have spawned. Kill each Icon immediately and the Dark Ghost they spawn will die and not come back. As long as you kill the Icon's quickly this fight should not be too much trouble, though you may have to use a potion because Jakub has a fair amount of health. After beating Jakub into submission he flees leaving threats of seeing you again. Return to Denegar's Stand and speak March Warden Denegar to complete the quest and claim your superior reward.

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