Rift Quest:Lurecraft  

World Event
Summer Sunplant
Summer Sunplant
Speak to Elroy Holst at (7407, 3144) in Sanctum or Lynea Sanos at (6198, 5175) in Meridian to begin this quest.

  • Make 2 Summer Sunfish Lure
    • The recipe "Borrowed Recipe - Summer Sunfish Lure" will be automatically added to your recipe list
    • Requires 5 Sunplant Leaves, found by fishing Summer Sunplants in zones during Summerfest
    • They do not want 2 lures, they want you to craft 2 lures. You cannot make up a stockpile of lures on the first day and use them to do this quest. You must craft the lures while you have the uncompleted quest active in order to get the updates. What you CAN stockpile are the Sunplant Leaves, and since you are after the fishing achievement, Angling For the Top, anyway, you may as well fish all the first day.

Reward: 25 Summerfest Merit Badge and 2 Summer Sunfish Lure

This quest can be completed daily.

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