Rift Quest:Plant Trees in Scarwood Reach  

World Event
Speak to Zarudasy the Forester on a pier in Scarhide Waste /setwaypoint 3460, 3893 to begin this quest. This is a subquest of The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 1.

  • Plant 5 trees in Scarwood Reach. They need to be planted within mushroom circles.
    • The mushroom circle will stay in-place for 5 minutes or until used.
    • Known Locations (11 possible):
      • Granitewood Haunt
      • Auld Warden
      • Loggers Run
      • Keenblade Mill
        • The quickest way to plant all the trees is to run around Keenblade Mill at 3800, 3900. The stumps are relatively quick to spawn (they only take a few minutes to respawn after being used) and there are a lot of them. The quest seems to hint at this as the NPC mentions how logging practices in Scarwood Reach are quite extreme, and Keenblade Mill is right next to Loggers Run.
Reward: 25 Summerfest Merit Badge

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