Rift Quest:Raising Kain  

Reward: 10 Inscribed Sourcestones plus a chance to get 1 Inscribed Sourcestone for each boss killed.

Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

All invasion leader mobs are elite.

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Protect the Wardstone

Protect the Wardstone at Zareph's Return.

The wardstone has to be protected until Kain the Fallen is dead. There is only one wardstone so you will need plenty of defense.

Destroy the Pillars

Destroy the pillars at Death's Approach, Caer Kholum, and Caer Thalos.

Destroy Idols of Regulos

They look like death idols on the map. The idols are not elite but there are at least 10 elite mobs around them.

Defeat Kain the Fallen

He appears west of Zareph's Return.

Kain the Fallen

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