Rift Quest:Saving That Which is Sacred  

Head north from Philobian Mikkarz into Smith's Haven. As soon as you enter the second building on your right hand side is the local tavern. Behind the bar in the tavern you will find the Freemarch Imperial Stout. Grab your beverage and head back out the way you came. Our next target is in the building that is to the right of the one across the street from the tavern. Head up the stairs on the side of the building and rescue the Portrait of the First Warden from the inferno. With two item in hand head back down the steps and turn left. Head to the end of the town near the northern gates of the city. The second to last building on the right hand side houses the final item, the Ancient Vase. Grab the vase and head back to Philobian for a well deserved reward.

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