Rift Quest:Swim With The Fishes  

World Event
Speak to Wilton Upersan in Hammerknell Pass at (6552, 1577) in the Moonshade Highlands to begin this quest. This is a subquest of The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 1.

  • Swim through all of the markers in Kelpmere and Acrid Basin without coming up for air.
    • This can be done without a Water breathing spell or item, but you will need to use the volcanic vents along the path.
    • Be careful not to touch the water's surface when passing between the lakes or you will fail!
    • The first ring is just ahead of you on the waters' edge.
    • Each ring will appear as you complete the previous ring, and the final ring will be yellow-gold.

Reward: 25 Summerfest Merit Badge

Categories: Rift | Summerfest
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